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Coffee with Liz • July 26, 2019

Oh my gosh you guys, it’s been a hot second since I did a Coffee with Liz! I’ll blame it on the summer weeks being a little crazy. So excited to be back this week answering so many great questions! xoxo

My due date is in Jan 2020, we don’t want to share the news with everyone just yet.  But I am going to a wedding, and I am already pretty swollen especially my torso.  I am 5’2 so I want to look slimmer and not as short.  Any suggestions for some outfits?

Congrats!!! I love this, this and this paired with some high heels to elongate your legs! 

If you were to get another dog, what kind would you get? Or are you a chocolate lab kinda girl through and through?

I think we will be a lab family through and through! 

Your post a week or so ago about being too influenced by influencers got me thinking. I’m so guilty of falling into this and I think part of it is because I don’t know what my personal style is. I see outfits that bloggers post on Insta that are cute so I buy them, even if the outfit isn’t “me” or wouldn’t look good on my body type. How did you figure out what your style is? I’d love to stop wasting money on things I never wear and really focus on a wardrobe of quality pieces that I love. 

I think you ultimately have to decide what style makes you the most happy! Not when you look at it in a photo on someone else but when you personally wear it. I think following people on social media that are similar to your body type and/or the style you gravitate towards is important too. I was actually just talking to my mother-in-law about this who is 70 years old and feels insecure that she can’t wear what influencers on social media are wearing (at 70!!). It is what I hate about social media but remember that you’re always in control of who you choose to follow. Make sure those people inspire you to always feel like the best version of yourself! As I’ve gotten older I’ve focused on not making impulse purchases and really investing in things that you know will help you build a strong wardrobe! I don’t think this is something that happens overnight but it is definitely something to consider every time you make a purchase. Maybe that means asking yourself a few questions like…”does this item really make me happy?” “in what scenario will I wear this?” “will it go with the rest of the items in my closet?” “is this top really who I want to be?” (:

I feel guilty for even writing this but one of my very best friends from college is going to get engaged soon and I barely know her for now-boyfriend, soon to be fiancé. He did friend me on Facebook to ask me to come, and obviously, I will be there… I’m just sad that I don’t know him and honestly, don’t care for him much either. I will be the friend that she deserves, but any advice on moving forward? 

This is hard and I totally understand. I think the best thing you can do is trust that your friend is making a good decision that most importantly makes HER happy. I think we get to an age where our opinions as friends aren’t as significant in these areas of life. We just have to have faith that they make the best decisions for themselves and support them in those choices! Kill him with kindness (:

Do you have any favorite toiletry bags? I’m looking for both everyday storage on a counter and for travel. I have the Cuyana pouches and LOVE them for at home but am looking for something more practical for travel.

My mom and sister have this amazing travel toiletry bag (comes in 40 colors/prints!)! I also love these Crate & Barrel toiletry bags.

Getting ready to make a big move with my family for a job promotion to the Oak Park/Berwyn area. Can you share your recent favorite restaurants in the Western suburbs?

We live a little further west but Beatrix just opened at Oakbrook Mall + True Food Kitchen is opening soon! We also love Vie in Western Spring for date night, Hampton Social and Capri in Burr Ridge, Lucca’s in LaGrange, Divanti Enoteca in Western Spring and Vistro, Fuller House and Nabuki in Hinsdale. 

Do you have any toy organization tips or strategies? I also have two boys ages 1 and 4 and have a hard time knowing what to toss or store since my little one will eventually need them too? Thanks!

Less is more in our home since we don’t have a ton of storage space! We try to utilize our built in cabinets as much as possible. Honestly Jack kind of just plays with Charlie’s toys and I don’t know if he will have the in-between stuff. We have a lot of puzzles, blocks, animal and dinosaur figurines, cars and a kitchen that they play with – otherwise that’s kind of it! I try to store items in cute baskets when I can but otherwise we have the rest tucked away in cabinets. I recently picked up some of these and they are perfect to tuck into cabinets but also look cute alone – I have one for cars, one for animal figurines and one for coloring supplies!

I’ve been following you for several years now and it’s been so fun to see you set up your first home in the suburbs! It’s just lovely! I especially love the color scheme and decor in your living room. I searched on Hello Adams Family to see if I could find the specific paint color you chose, but couldn’t find that detail. Would you mind sharing that?

Here are some of our paint colors: the blue in our living room is Benjamin Moore Brittany Blue. The gray in our kitchen and in our bedroom is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. Our hallways are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. The white in our family room is Benjamin Moore Super White!

My husband and I are attending a boy’s first birthday party in July. Any ideas on a good gift? What is Jack loving these days?

We bought this crawl-through tunnel for Charlie’s first birthday and he and Jack both LOVE it! Jack also loves these stacking blocks and this car ramp

I LOVE your diamond necklace and thinking of investing in one. How do you care for it? My current necklace is gold plated and I’ve worn it for five-ish years and it’s starting to tarnish. Do you take off your jewelry when you work out or shower?

I basically never take my Dana Rebecca necklace off and it is in GREAT shape. No tarnishing at all! I workout in it, sleep in it, shower in it – it is so well made and has no signs of wear!

What does a session with your trainer cost?

I think $90 per session (: I think it depends on the package you book and how many times a week/month you meet with them. It also depends on the level of trainer. I can have Jake answer this!

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