Health & Fitness over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Gym to Street Thanks to These Products

Having a newfound commitment to exercise means fitting it in wherever possible! Even if it is a 30-minute window between appointments or activities with the kids—I always find time to carve out a good sweat session during the day. I’m sure you all have noticed from IG stories that this sometimes means I’m in workout clothes allll day long (even if I worked out in the morning). I rely on specific products to give me a quick turnaround from the gym to the street—things like a good dry shampoo, face moisturizer, deodorant and anything else that keeps me looking and feeling fresh as a daisy. Well, leave it to lululemon to create a line of selfcare products that solve life’s sweatiest problems!

You guys, I’ve been BLOWN AWAY by these products. Not only are their scents heavenly but they WORK. Let me break it down for you…

No Show Dry Shampoo – I love that this is a non-whitening product and it absorbs super quickly! While I normally have to blow dry and really brush my dry shampoo into the hair—this lifts away any sweat, dirt, and oil with just a quick massage of the hands and leaves my hair looking fresh and clean.

Anti-Stink Deodorant – Ok two things, the aloe lotus scent is a dream. Truly fresh and natural and pretty. This also applies as a cooling spray so it is literally like a shower for your armpits. I’ve never really used a spray deodorant but it’s genius for after a workout when you don’t want to rub a stick deodorant onto an already sweaty place (yuck). Also, it’s natural! Also, the black pepper sandalwood scent is masculine and sexy—Dave is loving it.

Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer – Have you ever left the gym with a super red face only to check again an hour later and your face is STILL red from your workout? Especially in the summer when it takes forever to cool down! This moisturizer is a lightweight gel that works to calm, clean and hydrate your skin—all of the things you need after a good workout. You can also visibly see the glow after application!

Basic Balm – my new best friend as I am the queen of dry lips. I love how thick and moisturizing this is! I apply right before I hit the gym and right after my workout!

The best part is that all of these products are available in a travel size so I keep some in my gym bag and some in my car. So convenient when you’re on the go and may need a few touch-ups throughout the day.

No more excuses like “oh I can’t get to the gym and have time to shower!” or “there isn’t enough time to stop at home to freshen up before Charlie’s doctor’s appt.” Nope. Now you have everything you need to feel fresh and clean for whatever the day holds! Highly, highly, highly recommend all of these products.

A big thank you to lululemon for sponsoring this post!