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How I Get My Beachy Waves

The fact that you guys even ask about my beachy waves is a compliment because I am in no way a pro when it comes to styling hair. Laying out the step-by-step instructions to this hairstyle was actually comical because I pretty much wing it every single time. I guess my products are the ones that really make sure my hair looks good and stays in place all day long – so I’ll credit them for these waves!

I have always had extremely thick hair and since having kids it has become much more coarse and unruly (darn you hormones). The upside is that the bottom half of my hair is so kinky now that it doesn’t require much curl and instead I really just focus on the top half which saves a lot of time. I do usually throw a curl in to the hair closest to my face/behind my ears – generally anything that is really obvious from the front.

*scroll to the bottom of the post to get the products I use + the steps!

You’ll notice here that the bottom half of my hair is a little crazy after having babies! Naturally super wavey and really coarse so I don’t pay much attention to the bottom half of my head anymore unless I throw a curl in here and there (usually closer to my face!).

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Here are the products that I use:

Dyson Hairdryer – this was a SPLURGE for me and honestly not something I ever thought was necessary BUT it is a GAMECHANGER. It wasn’t until my hairdresser (who I trust and would never tell me to buy something unless it was REALLY worth it) totally sold me on the Dyson. She said that those with super thick hair will really notice a significant decrease in the time it takes to blow dry your hair and also the frizziness. I can 100% attest to her claims and now I refuse to blow-dry my hair with any other hairdryer. It’s so so worth it. What used to take at least 15 minutes now takes 7-8 minutes. 

T3 Whirl Trio – I’ve been using this wand for 3-4 years and it is my faaaavorite. It comes with three wands and although I do use all three, I usually opt for the 1″ straight barrel to create tight, uniform curls. When I had longer hair I loved the bigger barrel for large, looser waves and the tapered wand is great for a tighter wave (in my opinion). It heats up quickly, cools down quickly and does not damage your hair. 

OUAI Hair Oil – When I first get out of the shower I towel dry, brush out my hair and let it air dry for about 20 minutes (if I have the time!). Then I run two pumps of this hair oil into the bottom half of my strands.It’s great for taming fly aways, calms frizz, protests from heat and is a color protector! A great product that does everything I need in one swoop. 

Living Proof Flex Hairpsray – I hate when hairspray feels like hairspray! I love that this keeps my curls in place but also allows my fingers/a brush to gently comb through, too. You can keep adding more and it still feels super light. I buy this again and again and again. 

Living Proof Dry Volume Blast – who remembers when I demonstrated this on IG stories? It is incredible. I use this on freshly cleaned hair but it’s also GREAT for second and third day hair. It immediately gives your hair some texture and a huge boost of volume. Spray at your roots and massage into your scalp to immediately give your hair that fresh blowout look!

Moroccan Oil – I feel like this product doesn’t need much explanation but I love it. I put a drop in my palms, rub it together and massage into my ends when everything is done. It helps keep your hair shiny all day and it smells AMAZING. If my hair is extra dry, I’ll even put some on in the shower after my shampoo and let it sit for 5 minutes, then wash out and re-wash my hair. It leaves your hair so so smooth. Just a magic product!

How to Achieve Effortless Beachy Waves

Step 1: Just out of the shower, towel dry hair and brush through. Let air dry (if at all possible) for 5-20 minutes. Apply 2 pumps of OUAI Hair Oil to the bottom half of your hair before blow drying.

Step 2: Blow dry with Dyson Hairdryer and a flat brush. I wish I was talented enough to round brush my hair but my hands don’t work that way.

Step 3: Once hair is dry, section hair into two sections – top and bottom. 

Step 4: The bottom half of my hair has a lot of wave/texture to it so I don’t focus on curling the entire bottom half since it won’t really be seen. I do curl the first few front pieces framing my face. Hold your curling iron above your head and facing down. I like to curl each half of my head away from the front of my face. So holding the iron down, curl the hair in front of the iron and away from your face. 

Step 5: Let these strands cool and spray with Living Proof Flex Hairpsray. Let down the top half of your hair and proceed with curls around the entire head. For these I usually like to take 1-1.5″ sections and hold the curls around the curling iron for 15 seconds to create a tighter curl. Because my hair is so thick/heavy, this will help them hold longer. The GIF above should help you see just how I wrap my curl around the iron!

Step 6: Once hair has cooled, spray with Living Proof Flex Hairpsray! Then using your flat brush or a comb, gently brush through curls completely. This is what will take your curls to beachy waves! 

Step 7: To add more volume to the roots, I love to spray Living Proof Dry Volume Blast into my roots and then massage! This is the best product for 2nd and 3rd day hair (I use Living Proof Dry Shampoo too – I love their entire line of products!) because it literally gives you that fresh blow out boost.

Step 8: I love to hydrate the ends of my hair with Moroccan Oil – just 1-2 drops at the end!

Because I know people will ask, on the daily I use a really clean shampoo/conditioner from the drugstore. Nothing fancy! My hair is really susceptible to build up so I’m really picky about the products that I use (swear by all of these for keeping your hair looking healthy and clean!). BUT, Living Proof also sent me this Triple Detox Shampoo and I use it once a week. I love it! Rids your hair of any build up and/or gunk. A just after a few days of zero washes and lots of products.

*I just saw that Nordstrom is selling this Dyson Hairdryer + OUAI Blow Out Set for the same price as the hairdryer! So you get the hair oil and a couple other products with the Dyson! I great offer if you’ve been thinking about making the splurge. 

Was this helpful? I hope so! Let me know if there are other tutorials you would want to see here. Again, not a professional but always want to share what I can! xoxo

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. Which nozzle do you use on the Dyson? Mine came with two — one a bit wider and one that is definitely more narrow. I’m wondering if I’ve been using the “wrong” one??

    1. I use the more narrow! I don’t think there is a huge difference between the two but I think the smaller leaves hair a little more sleek?

  2. I really enjoyed this post because I have thick wavy hair as well. It is always helpful to see what someone with a similar hair type does with their hair. One question…it seems like the Quai hair oil and Moroccan oil are similar products. Any particular reason you use both and don’t consolidate? I currently use the Quai spray conditioner before drying and argon oil at the end of my routine. Wondering if I should switch out the spray conditioner for the oil. Thanks!

    1. The QUAI is super super light and softens hair without it feeling oily (I think the Moroccan oil is a little heavy if you go beyond just the ends). It’s also a heat protectant so I like to put it on before I blow dry!

  3. Hi Liz!!

    Do you mind sharing which drug store shampoo and conditioner you use? Looking for something clean to occasionally swap out with my usual shampoo and conditioner thats a little cheaper!


  4. I know that you have also mentioned that you like the Olaplex oil in the past, I love the Ouai oil myself. Because so many people have raved about Olaplex, I was just curious which one you seem to grab for more. It appears we have the same type of hair texture. Thank you always for your great posts