Wellness over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

My Workout + Meal Plan • Week of June 17, 2019

Hi friends! We’re back with another weekly workout/meal plan! I am so happy that we are HOME this week with very few plans so my goal is to limit my alcohol intake and detox my body a bit! I love when the calendar is clear and I can seriously plan out my meals knowing we have little distraction. 

Reminder for your meals: don’t be afraid to let the grocery store make your dinners easier for you! For example, tonight’s dinner is a pre-made salad that we love + a store-bought teriyaki sauce for the salmon. Easy! A few things I love to stock up on every week are pre-made salads, frozen veggies (I love TJ’s veggie pilaf, cauliflower gnocchi, stir fry veggies), rotisserie chicken (great for lunches!), etc. My grocery list may look small but that’s because I personally keep a lot of ingredients that we use weekly, stocked in our freezer/fridge/pantry. Items like seasonings, cheeses, ingredients for salads (although we are using our fresh herb garden a lot!), sauces and so on. Our lists may look a little different! 

Here is my recipe for turkey burgers, here is the recipe for chipless nachos and we are making mediterranean bowls for Cooking with Liz on Wednesday (join us!). 

Another big goal for me this summer is time management. Working for yourself has its obvious perks but time management is an area I seriously struggle with. This summer I decided to take away a couple of daycare days so I can spend more time with the boys. I’m determined to really get ahead (and stay ahead!) on the days that I have help. I’m also so excited to have fun with them this summer and not take on so much in the coming months! This season is so short-lived for us here in Chicago so I really want to enjoy it the best that we can. 

Let my plan be an inspiration for your own! Don’t feel like yours has to be the same. We all are on our own pace with trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing work, mom life, household duties, etc. Do what you can!

We had a lot of requests to make the downloadable versions white so here is a blank template to make your own weekly fitness plan!