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Coffee with Liz • June 7, 2019

I would love to know your favorite TV shows to watch with and without Dave!

Friends (forever!), Parks & Recreation, Sex & The City, Queer Eye and any dark documentaries on Netflix without Dave! Favorites I’ve watched with Dave are Breaking Bad, Ozark, The OA, True Detective, The Office. Honestly, we don’t watch a ton of TV! We watch the news in the morning and a show when the kids go to bed. We listen to a lot of music. I’ve never watched BRAVO in my life (I’d probably be addicted if I did). HGTV and Food Network are my favorites.

What are some of your favorite meals to make using your toaster oven?!

Haha umm, everything. Basically anything that requires an oven, we use our toasted oven out of convenience – it heats up so fast! I love this salmon recipe and this turkey meatball recipe!

I noticed you said Webster is allergic to poultry so you buy TJs Salmon and Sweet Potato treats. Did you do a full allergy panel with him to find out about his allergies? We recently did a panel for our dog but still have allergy flare-ups with him. Did you have this experience?

We didn’t get him tested but we notice that whenever he has anything poultry – chicken or turkey – he bites his paws and seems to have itchy skin. When we avoid this he is totally fine! We should probably have an allergy panel done but he is almost 10 and never seems to have an issue with anything else. 

This may be kind of a personal question, but I’m curious if you grew up as a religious person, and are you planning on raising your kids in a particular faith? I feel like you are such a strong woman and I wonder where you get it from!

Yes! My mom grew up in a very Irish Catholic family (my uncle is a Jesuit priest!) and my dad grew up Lutheran, attending church every Sunday. I went to Catholic school growing up, went to church every Friday and Sunday. I am personally religious, Charlie and Jack are baptized Catholic, but I don’t necessarily feel that my religion is defined by the church. After attending mass frequently every week growing up, I felt a little burned out. When I was in college I read a book called The Shack and it reminded me that my relationship with God is whatever I personally need it to be. I truly enjoy going to mass, but I don’t think that it is required to have a meaningful relationship with God. 
This is so random but my dad’s favorite singer is Don Williams and he has a song called I Believe in You. In it he says “I don’t believe that heaven waits for only those who congregate, I like to think that God is love. He’s down below, he’s up above. He’s watching people everywhere, he knows who does and doesn’t care.”
I love this and I feel like it is such a good reminder that religion is what you make of it. I pray and thank God every night but I want my kids to know that you religion is not defined by attendance. It is your own personal experience. I feel so secure in that! Maybe that is what makes me appear strong? No one has ever said that about me! So thank you. 
Please note: I don’t want backlash, comments or criticism about this. The amazing thing about this life is that we all have a right to have our own opinions and beliefs! I support what you believe in and I hope you’ll do the same. 

Any favorite baby books that you have read to Charlie and Jack?  I’m going to a baby shower and was asked to bring a baby book!

Gaston! Trust me this is the cutest book with the sweetest message on the last page. 

My best friend and I realized that in August, we’ll have been friends for 20 years! We love all things fashion and jewelry and thought it might be fun to finally pull the trigger on an investment piece we’re always talking about and buy cute rings to celebrate. We’re in our mid-twenties so don’t want to spend over $500 or so, but wanted to find something that is simple or maybe a stack! Any suggestions? 

Omg I love this!! What about the Dana Rebecca heart ring? I also love the Sylvie Rose Bar ring!

We are flying with our 8 month old for the first time in June for an annual work conference for my husband that families are invited. I’m trying to decide about bringing a car seat. Our baby won’t have his own seat for the flight (although crossing my fingers for open extra seats) and there is coach bus transportation provided for the 10-minute bus ride from the airport to the resort, then we’ll be at the resort the whole time. I want him to be as safe as possible for that bus ride, but curious if you’d bring the car seat or not in this situation. Thanks! 

I probably would! We usually always do for transportation to the airport anyways and checking it isn’t the big of a deal. Especially when they are that little! Better to be safe than sorry.

I am going to Vegas on a girls’ trip but don’t know what to wear?! I am pushing 30 so I don’t want to dress like I’m 21 but also don’t want to be too conservative. Help!

Ok I just bought the cutest leopard dress ever. It’s a faux wrap, not too short and so comfortable (I bought a small, true to size). Buy this and wear it! You’ll look amazing! Also love anything from Reformation.

I have just started intermittent fasting and have read a lot of people couple it with a daily dose of collagen peptides. Have you ever tried this? What are your thoughts?

I have not! I personally was never a big breakfast eater so the intermittent fasting was never too much of a stretch for me. I have heard that the collagen peptides are great to curb hunger because they have protein in them. If you feel like you’re really struggling to meet the 16 hours fast then give it a go! 

I know you’ve mentioned that you drive a Volkswagen Atlas. My husband and I are considering one for our growing family. What do you really like about it? And is there anything you’re not so fond of?

We love EVERYTHING about it. We got captain chairs which are a GAME CHANGER with two kids. The trunk is actually bigger than a Tahoe (the other car we were considering!), the design is sleek and the technology is great! We keep the third row down for the most part but if/when we have another babe, Charlie will sit in the third row. I have comfortably sat in the third row for a 3 hour car ride and it is still super roomy. Honestly there isn’t anything I would tell you we don’t like. We are so so happy with the car! 

I am wondering if you could tell us where you shopped for your maternity clothing and if she had any tips on shopping—that is, did you invest in any particular items for during and after pregnancy or did you decide to skip certain maternity styles?

This post should be helpful for you! I get questions about maternity style and because this isn’t my current stage of life, I’m not going to be sharing products but I have sooooo many outfit posts in the archives!!! Use this site as a resource—there are 9 years of posts in here!!
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