Wellness over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Finding Clean Products for Your Family

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Finding clean alternatives to some of our favorite products has been a big priority for me this year. Finding ones that actually work has been a bigger project! After a long winter of colds, allergies, cleaning and more I’ve really tried to focus on keeping our home free and clear of all of the bad stuff. It’s not easy! I find myself skeptical of brands that claim to do the same thing with fewer ingredients—we only know what we know! You know? It wasn’t until the past few months where I’ve really started searching for alternatives that I’ve made the move into cleaner products for my family. 

Sunscreen has always been a stress point as a mom! Is it really working? How often do I need a reapply? Did I get every corner? Is he safe? You hear horror stories of kids getting burned not only by the sun but by the product itself! It’s eye-opening when you really start to think about the chemicals that are absorbed by our skin. Beautycounter recently sent me their Countersun Mineral Sunscreen line, formulated with non-nano zinc this mineral based sunscreen is water proof and absorbs quickly. It was an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner in 2018 and is basically a dream. I’ve tried so many “clean” sunscreens and none of them apply, stay on, provide enough coverage and are consistent like Beautycounter Countersun. It fights UVA and UVB rays while being gentle and safe for your skin.  It’s truly the safe sun protection you’ve been looking for! I love it comes in a lotion, mist and stick so you have all of the options! Charlie approved.

Equally as important in the summer, since my kids are getting dirty outside and in need of nightly baths, we needed some new bath products that was safe for their buttery skin. I had heard amazing things about the Beautycounter kids’ bath products and they do not disappoint! Not only do they smell amazing but they get the job done with completely clean ingredients (gluten + nut free, too!). The reviews don’t lie, people. 

Beautycounter is running a huge sunscreen promotion through 5/29 and you’ll definitely want to take advantage! Spend $125+ (USD) and get a FREE Countersun 3 oz. Mist + Countersun 1 oz. Lotion Bundle!

Have you tried Beautycounter’s sun and bath products? Both are a mama must have, trust me!

A huge thank you to Beautycounter for sponsoring this post!