Ask Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • April 19, 2019

I recently got married and people ask me if I am pregnant on almost a weekly basis. We are waiting for the right time for us, but what is a good way to respond to this? Can we help people be more aware of how much stress this may cause people (especially couples that are trying and not having any luck?) This is a touchy subject for some and I want to respond the best way possible. 

I would honestly give as little info as possible. You don’t have to provide a detailed response! I would probably say “we hope it happens in the near future!” I think it is amazing to be conscious of how this would affect those who are struggling to conceive but I don’t think you need to defend them in that instance. Unless it is someone you are really close with and feel comfortable telling them it is inappropriate to constantly be checking in on the topic. 

Do you let Webster sleep in bed with you? We just got a puppy and it has been a topic of debate in our house. 

Yes…and he did every night for 8 years. For the past year he has preferred to sleep downstairs and then he comes up to our room around 6am. I would probably try to not let it be a thing because Webster is huge and sheds and there were so many days I woke up with poor sleep and dog hair everywhere. 

I live in Minneapolis and will be spending my birthday in Chicago over Memorial Weekend. What kind of jacket should I bring to wear with dresses and skirts? I have a great denim jacket, but looking for another styling perspective to dress up my look. Thank you!

I love love love this new faux suede jacket! A more feminine silhouette versus a moto style. 

I’ve decided to live on my own when my lease is up this July. I’ve lived with my roomie for the past 2 years and although we’re friends, I’m just ready to be on my own, not be subject to moods, set my own rules, etc. I don’t want to end things awkwardly but also want to give her enough time to find someone. How would you approach this?

This is SO normal! I would just say you feel ready to live on your own. That it has nothing to do with her but you’re ready for your own space. It will honestly probably make your friendship stronger. I think this is a very natural progression of life! When my roommate and I went our separate ways (we are still great friends) we made sure to have a “date night” once a month to catch up on life. Maybe plan something like that?

What would you call your biggest “fashion fail?”

Hmm…maybe glitter jeans in high school that shed EVERYWHERE.

What is a good gift for a sister who is turning 21? Thanks!

Hmm – how about a nice personalized bag? I feel like 21 is like a transition into adult hood and every woman appreciates a good bag! 

I am on the hunt for a good pair of jean shorts for the summer—do you have any favorites? Preferably not too short or tight, but also not baggy. Thanks, Liz!

Yesss – I have loved these for 3 years! Currently 40% off!

What is the significance of the name Dalton in your family?  I notice it is Charlie & Jack’s middle names and also your new nephew’s name.  

It is my mom’s maiden name! It’s not part of Jack’s name, just Charlie. 

Do you take any daily vitamins and how often do you drink ACV w your water?

I need to be better about vitamins!! I usually just trust that I get everything I need from my diet. I struggle with acid reflux and usually drink 2 tbsp of ACV in water like 3x a week. Or if I’m lazy I’ll just take two terrible spoonfulls, ha. 

I’m throwing my sister’s bachelorette party here in Chicago this summer! But having only lived here a short amount of time, I wanted to know if you have any suggestions for things to do/ places to go!! We’re all in our young-mid 20s and I want to do something more than just going shopping

Sooooo much fun! Brunch at Summer House Santa Monica, RM Champagne, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba, Cindy’s Rooftop at the Chicago Athletic Association or Pacific Standard Time are all great options for a bachelorette party. In terms of going out on the town, Old Town or the West Loop are probably your best bets—Happy Camper or Pourhouse in Old Town and Federales and Parlour Pizza in the West Loop are always fun! As for activities, what about catching a show at Second City, doing a fun craft + cocktail workshop, or renting a trolley and riding around the city if you have a big group?

What swaddle/sleep sack do you use for 6 months plus? Do you use for naps and night?

We use the Halo sleep sack! Depending on what pajamas he is wearing, he doesn’t wear it every night. But if it’s cold I’ll throw it on! Jack is starting to grow out of it. 

I know you’ve talked about faster way to fat loss a couple of times on your blog but I just wanted to double check—did you follow it closely and eat all the macros each day or did you mainly just do IF? I’m starting to feel crazy eating all of this food! 

I did both! It does seem like a lot each day (you have to complete all of your macros!) but I promise your body will turn into this metabolizing machine! Keep going!

You’ve mentioned several times that you use your Apple Watch to hold you accountable, what are your daily activity goals set to on your watch?

My daily move goal is 540 calories, my daily activity goal is 30 minutes and stand goal is 12 hours. 

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