Ask Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • March 22, 2019

My sister just announced she is pregnant (the first grandchild in our family!!). I saw your posts about your sister giving birth and I wanted to see if you had any advice on helpful, practical things or cute ideas you can do to help your sister while pregnant. I’m so excited and just want to help her however I can!

Awh so exciting!! I would say just be there for her and help celebrate that exciting feeling of being pregnant! Maybe sending her a cute gift to celebrate? Monica & Andy has so many things to celebrate the “expecting” stage! Or helping plan a shower! Or giving her a sweet mom book that she can give to her own children.

It is my best friend’s golden birthday this year (turning 31), and I would like to get her something special. Any ideas and sticking with the “gold” theme?

What about a pretty gold initial necklace

I am looking for a birthday gift for a 2-year-old who has EVERYTHING. No, seriously, he has everything (thanks to a big brother, very generous grandparents, etc). Any ideas on something out of the box or unique? 

Anything sensory seems to be a hit with our kids! I think this, this (toy of the year!) or this (cute for summer!) would be great!

I am going to London in a couple of weeks and want your suggestions on cute shoes that won’t break the bank but that are comfortable and stylish to wear with a multitude of outfits.

I just got these sneakers and I’m obsessed! So cute with jeans, skirts or dresses. I wore these to death last year and love the new neutral color – so so comfortable. I don’t personally own these but so many girls swear by these booties

I need advice on what to wear to coffee with President George Bush and Laura Bush. It’s business casual attire. Now that I’m a SAHM mom, my business clothes are limited.

I would say a chic pair of pants and a feminine silk blouse with a low heel. SO fun!

I’m looking for recommendations on a dressier wrap or shawl that I could drape over my shoulders at weddings. I’m hoping to find a lovely neutral color.

My mom, sister and I each have this cashmere + silk wrap in a few colors and we always swap during wedding season!

I am going on a girls trip to Sonoma end of March and want to bring some cute wine tasting outfits. Do you have any affordable dress or tops to recommend? I’m planning on a few dress/jean jacket outfits and tops to go with black jeans.

This dress or this dress is gorgeous paired with strappy sandals and a cute hat. I love this top or this top paired with jeans! This dress is a cutie, too! I also just ordered this top for spring! All of these would work with a jean jacket, too!

I’m not sure if this is typical, but I had a baby about 8 months ago and I’ve noticed my perfumes and body washes have changed in the way they smell on me. Like my chemistry has changed. So I’m in need of a new scent going into spring and was wondering if you had any suggestions for trying new scents or any favorites you could recommend? My favorite was always Dior Addict, and like I said it just doesn’t smell the same on me anymore.

To be honest, I haven’t worn perfume since I became a mom and I’ve never been a huge fragrance person. I don’t know why! I’ve just avoided perfumes, especially with my kids always so close to me.  The only thing I wear on occasion is this Pacifica Gardenia Perfume that is so fresh and light! 

I have a black tie wedding to go to in June in LA and don’t know what kind of dress to wear…since it’s California in the summer.  Any thoughts on formal evening wear vs. cocktail attire?

If the invitation says black tie wedding (not black tie optional) then I would wear a long dress. I think your safest bet would be to stick to something classic like this, this or this

I have a friend’s wedding to attend next month and I am looking for some ideas for a dress. The weather is so unpredictable for April in Indiana so I am trying to keep in mind that it could be cold and may need something long or with sleeves, but also want some pretty spring colors or patterns. Any suggestions would be awesome! Thanks!

A few pretty options here, here, here and here!

I’m looking to get my sister a wallet for her upcoming 30th birthday. She doesn’t like anything too big, so I’m struggling to try to find something that is stylish and functional. I’m hoping to stay in the $100 (or under) range.

I LOVE this adorable Soho wallet in ivory or camel! Super thin and functional!

Any suggestions for something to wear to my son’s baptism at the end of April?? I want it to be cute (obviously), but not break the bank!! Thanks!

I just ordered this (sharing on IG stories today!) and it would be perfect for a Baptism! 

I’m headed to the Kentucky Derby for the first time and need some outfit inspiration. I need to wear a comfortable shoe since there will be a lot of walking and I have sensitive feet. Do you think I can pull off a cute sneaker with a dress? And if I do go the sneaker route, what hat do I wear? Or would a fascinator work better?!

Yes you should definitely do a dress with sneakers! My favorite! I think your could do a cute visor, a fun headband or a fascinator!

I am looking for a cocktail dress/jumpsuit to attend a very important cocktail hour, as well as any outfit ideas to attend a Navy Officer graduation. It will be in April, so it might still be cold in Rhode Island. Any ideas would be amazing!

I love this gorgeous Nadia jumpsuit from Gal Meets Glam! Any of her dresses sound like they would be perfect for this occasion!

I recently had a baby and am looking to buy an initial necklace with his first initial. I want it to be really good quality and ideally gold or rose gold ($200+?). Do you have a few recommendations of where to find something like this? I looked at Dana Rebecca designs but didn’t see an initial necklace. Thanks so much!!

Maya Brenner! Prettiest and sweetest necklaces. I especially love the ones with the birthstones

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