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Recent Amazon Favorites

Blogger picks from Amazon
No. 1 Bikini // No. 2 Washable Dot Markers // No. 3 Pearl Barrettes // No. 4 Ice Roller // No. 5 Sensitive Baby Wipes // No. 6 Lavazza Coffee // No. 7 Jewelry Cleaner // No. 8 Glass Spray Bottle // No. 9 Reusable Juice Box // No. 10 No Show Socks // No. 11 Hatch Baby Sound Machine // No. 12 Woven Baskets // No. 13 Lazy Susan // No. 14 Baby Dish Soap // No. 15 Kids Table and Chairs // No. 16 Luggage Packing Cubes 

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share some recent Amazon favorites that we are loving and a few that are on my wish list. We mostly use Amazon for quick purchases—paper towel, toilet paper, light bulbs, etc. but when you really get digging there is some good stuff. Make sure you follow me on Instagram because I’ll be sharing some fashion finds that are a STEAL on my Instagram stories tomorrow. 

You guys, this bikini is insane. $16 and the quality is so good! It’s super flattering and I was so so impressed by it! Will be sharing details on IG. 

We recently bought these washable dot markers for Charlie and he is obsessed. Lay out paper on the floor and he is good to go for at least 30 minutes. 

I jumped on the pearl barrette bandwagon and I’m so excited for this set to arrive! Only $11.

When we make smoothies this plastic drink box is a must for our kiddos (no spills!). 

We are always asked about transitioning Charlie from a crib to toddler bed and all I have to say is thank you Lord for the Hatch light. Charlie knows he isn’t allowed to leave his room until the light is green and I love that we can program everything from our phones!

This ice roller will be your face’s new best friend. 

How cute is this toddler table? Only $150! May order to replace our current one!

The best workout socks/no-show socks to wear with your cute sneaks!

I recently bought these travel packing cubes and holy organized! Not only does it help save room but it’s so much easier to pack one suitcase for multiple people.

The best baby wipes.  

My mom has this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and it is seriously amazing. Dave always loves to see all of the dirt that comes out of my ring. I need to order one for myself because I use it every single time I’m at my parents house. 

What are your favorite Amazon products? I’m always trying to find random products that I don’t need—ha! That’s what Amazon is for, right?