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My Fitness Essentials

Workout Essentials for the Fitness Buff
Shop the post: No. 1 lululemon Energy Bra // No. 2 AirPods // No. 3 Alo Long Sleeve // No. 4 lululemon Align Leggings // No. 5 Invisible Hair Bands // No. 6 Racerback Tank // No. 7 Split Back Tank // No. 8 Fitness Bands // No. 9 Apple Watch // No. 10 Zella Socks // No. 11 Camo Leggings // No. 12 Tie-Front Tank Top // No. 13 Vibrating Foam Roller // No. 14 Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes // No. 15 Nike Sweatshirt 

As my fitness game has evolved over the years (you can read a bit more about that here and here), so has my workout style! Gone are the days of wearing old college t-shirts to the gym, replaced with pieces that are breathable, move with me, and actually enhance my workout. Our fitness gear can be just as key to training as the actual workouts and time we spend exercising! Here are a few workout and fitness essentials I can’t live without, for everything from running and weight sessions to recovery at home: 

First up: leggings. I’m very picky about the leggings I wear to workout, and the lululemon Align leggings are what I reach for every single time. The high-rise is super flattering and comfortable, and the thickness is just right—you never feel restricted! I also love these Alo camo leggings and these high-waisted midi leggings for my training sessions and just wearing around, in general. 

You probably know by now that I always wear long sleeves to the gym because I like to work up a good SWEAT. This top is the exact one I always wear. Sometimes I’ll layer it over a tank-top, too: this racerback tank and this split back tank are great, and this tie-front tank is super cute. 

A good quality sports bra makes treadmill sessions soooo much more enjoyable. This lululemon Energy Bra is one of the best I’ve tried—I think I have it in four different colors. 

I also can’t run without my AirPods (yes, they actually do stay in my ears!), my Apple Watch and these no-show socks. Lots of you have asked if the Apple Watch is worth the investment, and it’s personally been a total gamechanger for me in terms of tracking my workouts and my all-day activity. I’m that much more motivated to get my steps in or workout for five extra minutes when I can track the impact on my watch. 

An easy solution for working out at home or while you’re traveling: these fitness bands are the best. Under $10 and take up virtually no space in your suitcase. This guide is a great resource for band exercises you can do on the go! 

Everybody needs these hair-ties

My Nikes are my best friends for my treadmill sessions. I always wear these Epic React Flyknits for running, but a few more of my favorite Nike styles were recently linked here

My trainer has helped me realize the importance of foam rolling, and this vibrating foam roller is now a part of my nightly routine. I always feel so much better the day after a hard workout if I take the time to foam roll! 

What are your go-to pieces to wear while exercising? The right gear always makes the workout that much better!