Ask Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • December 14, 2018

I am trying to find a good pair of stylish/warm winter boots for my husband- does Dave have a pair that he loves? Are duck boots out of style?

Duck boots are great but I personally don’t necessarily think they are warm. When I think of winter boots I think about the kind of boots you can shovel snow in – warm and waterproof! Last year Dave splurged on the UGG Butte boots and he is obsessed. I’ve actually overheard him talking to his friends about how great they are #adult. Dave has the brown color.

I remember seeing on your Instastories that when you were transitioning Charlie to a big boy bed, the sticker chart method didn’t incentivize him to stay in his bed and you had to take other steps. We’re one week into the transition and struggling—any tips that actually work for keeping a toddler in his bed at bedtime? Do you do anything different for nap time?

The struggle is real! Honestly the only things that have worked for us are threatening to lock his door and sometimes following through so he knows it is possible. We also have the Hatch night light and Charlie gets so excited when he stays in his room until it is green. For a few months we would tell him “you’ll get a big surprise if you stay in your bed until your light turns green!” And we would reward him with silly things like a sticker or a donut or I bought this truck pack on Amazon and would give him one. Bribery works! 

My fiancé and I are having an engagement party in March. Can you recommend a cute outfit to wear with flat shoes? We are about the same height 🙂

How about a chic white jumpsuit? Get it tailored to wear with flats. 

I am traveling to Europe at the end of this month and am looking for a cute black boot (preferably a tall boot) with good support for lots of walking.  Any recommendations??

I personally haven’t tried these but people swear by the comfort level of Blondo boots! I love this style and this style

Let’s talk about… one night stands. I mean nightstands! I just moved into an apartment of my own for the first time and I’m in need of a nightstand (or two). What do you recommend that’s budget-friendly, cute, and functional?

Haha! Yes! Here, here, here and here

I’m getting married in April, and my mom needs a dress for the wedding! She’d like a plus-size dress that is floor length, and she really wants some kind of a matching blazer. Any suggestions or ideas? It’s surprisingly difficult to find a formal dress with a blazer! 

I’ve heard so many woman have luck at bridesmaid/wedding dress dress boutiques! Most of these stores actually have a selection of mother-of-the-bride/groom dresses. After a quick search – this and this are pretty! This store also has nice options. 

My husband recently got an amazing job offer to transfer to their Chicago office (Downers Grove). We are having a difficult time deciding because our baby girl is just now 4 months and we’ve loved having family close by. If we were to move, do you have any suggestions on what areas to look for buying a home?

Downers Grove is a beautiful area! We live in the West Suburbs as well and my sister and her husband live in Downers Grove! I don’t think you can go wrong with any suburbs between LaGrange and Naperville. So many great schools and beautiful neighborhoods. 

My teenage niece asked for makeup for Christmas. I couldn’t find a teenage-focused Birchbox so I’m thinking of doing a DIY Birchbox that I send a few times next year. What beauty products would you throw in to start? 

Oh my gosh this is the cutest idea ever! Hmm – I would shop at Sephora because they have mini versions of so many products so she can see what she likes! I would do this mini brush set, this mini eyeshadow palette, this mini lip gloss set and this bronzer mini! All of these products together are under $80. 

How do you manage your phone use around Charlie and Jack? Do you make efforts to have a screen free time for yourself when you’re with them?  I have an 8 month old and some days I realize I’m on my phone a lot while he plays next to me. Mom guilt but also reality?

I feel like I’m always very conscious of this. I really try to limit my screen time when I’m with them aside from a quick text message or email response. I don’t let myself fall down the IG rabbit hole (which is why some days I’m really active and some days I’m not!). I will say having an Apple Watch has helped me be on my phone less because I can do a quick response or email check right there. I find that if I have my phone out Charlie will beg me to watch a video so I try to avoid as much as possible. I think ultimately their generation is going to be exposed to technology more than we were. It’s not something to feel guilty about. It’s hard for me because being on my phone IS my job (I’m sure a lot of us feel this way with email) but it’s also important to know my limits. For the most part (and we aren’t always perfect), Dave and I allow each other a quick check in the morning and then we save it for when we have personal time. I try my best to keep it on the kitchen counter away from interaction with the boys!

How do you feel about Botox? I’m turning 31, have two kids under 3, and have some wrinkles in my forehead and around my eyes and feel so old! I never thought I’d do it but curious if you have an opinion on it or if you’ve tried it?

I’ve never tried it but definitely not opposed to it! I would recommend getting a good eye cream – I’ve recently become obsessed with this product (so many good reviews!). Also, you need a Retinol! Start now 🙂 I like this product because it is also moisturizing – I try to use it every night.

My baby girl is getting baptized at the end of January, and I’m trying to find an appropriate dress. My first was baptized in April, so picking a spring church dress was easy, but the cold weather is throwing me for a loop! I’d love to be giving off some Duchess Kate vibes!

Gal Meets Glam just released some pretty new dresses! This or this would be perfect!

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