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Coffee with Liz • October 5, 2018

Coffee with Liz Q&A series

Happy Friday, friends! We made it! It is going to be a rainy weekend here and I’m looking forward to lighting my favorite fall candle and being cozy. We are actually going up to Wisconsin to take the boys to an apple orchard with some friends – be sure to follow along on Instagram. Have a great weekend! xx

My fiance and I are taking our engagement pictures in early October (downtown Chicago). Do you have any suggestions on what to wear? I’m leaning towards more of a casual outfit than a dress.

I would recommend your favorite pair of jeans paired with 1. a cute plaid shirt or 2. light sweater and a scarf or 3. a silk cami and a cute blazer.

I’m going to be turning 30 in January and am interested in a designer handbag for my birthday. I’m not very into flashy bags such as Louis Vuitton, but I love classy feminine bags like classic (and smaller) Chanel and and Gucci styles. Can you suggest a few options that are about $1500 or less and are elegant and timeless?

I love the Gucci Marmont Camera Bag, the Gucci Leather Flap Wallet Bag (the velvet is gorgeous, too!), the YSL all black wallet bag, how cute is this Gucci bag

I’m pregnant with my first child and due around Thanksgiving. As I’m starting to prepare the baby’s nursery, I was wondering if you had any tips for organizing dresser drawers. I’ve heard some tips on stocking the first drawer with diapers and wipes etc. but was wondering how you keep your boys’ things organized or if you have any other websites that have good advice on this. Thanks!

Ohh good question! I think it is hard because everyone’s space is so different! For Charlie we had big, deep drawers and I bought drawer dividers to organize one drawer with all of his diapers, wipes, creams, etc. and another drawer with socks, hats, bibs, accessories and so on. For Jack, he has a smaller dresser because his room is smaller so we have this cart that holds his diapers, wipes, creams, bibs, burp cloths and whatever else. You can see his nursery here! To be honest, the idea of everything being organized was effective for 0.2 seconds and then it becomes a free for all. I clean up their rooms/re-organize at least once a day. Don’t stress about it too much! Also, maybe search Pinterest?

If you could only bring 2-3 pairs of shoes on a walking-heavy vacation, what styles would you bring?

My favorite sneakers, comfortable ballet flats and depending on the temperature either these comfy booties (I’ve heard amazing things about these too!) or my birkenstocks

I am looking for carry-on luggage for my husband. It does not have to be fancy, I just don’t even know where to start! Everything out there looks a little girly for his taste. Any suggestions?

We love our AWAY luggage! So many great styles for men and women.

I have a family wedding to attend in October in the Midwest and am unsure of what to wear in late fall! It’s black tie optional and at a yacht club. Do you have any suggestions? 

I have gotten so many questions about fall weddings so I’m going to share a bunch of dresses that I love! This sexy little leopard number is styled perfectly with simple black heels, the silhouette of this metallic dress is gorgeous, I love this fit and flare party dress in navy or green, I think this dress is so sophisticated and chic, this velvet red dress is AMAZING, this dress is adorable with strappy black sandals. ASOS is always my go-to for party dresses that won’t break the bank!

Do you have any recommendations for a good rug pad that won’t ruin wood floors? 

We love these rug pads and have never had an issue with them ruining wood floors (I’ve never even heard of that being an issue!). 

I’m due in a month and have started looking at post-partum clothing, bras, robes, etc. And they are all so clinical and dowdy looking! I want breastfeeding-friendly options, but no weird contraptions or cut-outs. What were your clothing and underwear staples for the first few months after having a baby? 

I lived in nursing tanks and boy shorts. Your boobs are going to go through a weird period of transition so spending money on bras was tough when your boob size was constantly changing. My favorite nursing tanks were this, this and this and I love these boy shorts! I also lived and still love in these pajamas

I have a wedding coming up mid-October (in Minnesota) that is outside at a campsite! The dress code is “camp casual”.. help! What does that mean and what should I wear? I don’t want to be too dressed up, or too casual. Thanks!

I would go with a dress that is more on the casual side – something like this, this or this and maybe wear some more casual shoes?

I’m struggling to find a cute fall jacket. I already have the classic green anorak jacket, but it’s very long and bulky. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, but I know I don’t want a denim jacket or anything long. Any ideas for a cute fall jacket that’s relatively short and not bulky? Preferably in the $100 price range or less. Thank you!

You can’t go wrong with a classic camel coat, I’m loving this boucle coat, I am pretty sure I need this cute jacket and this cute parka is a steal. 

I have a really big birthday at the end of the month – I turn 30! I am having a birthday dinner with a group of my 15 closest friends and am looking for the perfect outfit. My comfort zone is classic and simple, and my absolute favorite colors to wear are black and navy. I’m not looking to break out and wear a hot pink mini dress so ultimately I’d love to feel comfortable and “me”. Dinner will be your typical night out look – nothing too fancy but definitely special. I’d love your thoughts! 

Happy almost birthday!! Ok if it were me I’d probably wear something like this, this or this. If I were really going for it – I’d wear something like this! Have fun!!

What Chicago neighborhoods did you live in your early 20s? Were you always in Lincoln Park?

We lived in Lincoln Park for 10 years! Clearly I loved it because I never left. I always wanted to live near the water – we used to walk Webster on the water almost every morning. There are so many great neighborhoods (Wicker Park/Bucktown, West Loop, Lakeview, River North are other favorites) so I think it is best to just explore and look at as many places as possible!

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