Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

My Favorite Investment Pieces for Fall

Shop the look: Veronica Beard BlazerMadewell BodysuitGucci BeltFrame JeansGucci LoafersSenreve Bag

Shop the look: Veronica Beard BlazerMadewell BodysuitGucci BeltFrame JeansGucci LoafersSenreve Bag

As I’ve gotten older I’ve made more of an effort to focus on investment pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve realized that the fast fashion isn’t always for me. Not because I don’t like it but because I wash it once and it can never be worn again. Quality over quantity has become a strong theme in my life since becoming a mom and although it may not always appeal to all of you, it is the path I’ve chosen to take with my style.  

My fall wardrobe is definitely an area of my closet that reigns supreme. These are always items that I wear the most throughout the year (just layered with a warm coat and heavy boots in the winter). I’ve talked a lot about investing in my wardrobe over the years. I’ve even made a fall wardrobe checklist so you have just what you need to create the ultimate closet! My thought process when it comes to deciding if an item is worth the price always goes something like this: do I have something similar? Is the quality greater than other items that I already have? Cost vs. wear – given my lifestyle will it be worn a lot? Can it be worn multiple ways (ie: will it help to create multiple outfits?)? If an item checks all of these boxes and is an investment – it is usually worth it for me to splurge. 

Bottom line: I’m sick of spending money on pieces that aren’t good quality. I always want to give you guys options (and I usually always will!) but I want to make sure even the less expensive items are worth it! If any of you are like me and HATE when a new shirt comes out of the wash looking like it was worn 30x then trust me, I’m in this for you. 

Ok rant over, let’s talk about this outfit. I feel like all of these items are an example of where I like to invest in my wardrobe and why. A blazer, a good pair of jeans, flats and a basic tee – all items that are essential for creating a wardrobe that is classic, timeless and versatile. I jumped on the plaid blazer bandwagon and loveeee it. If you want to immediately look and feel like you’ve got this then wear a blazer. I swear it is my power suit but a little more laidback. In my opinion, no one does blazer like Veronica Beard. They are so chic and feminine, even despite being in a more masculine print. Paired with laidback jeans, my new Gucci belt (wearing a size 80) and my favorite tee made into a bodysuit (I bought in all three colors – ha! perfect for the tuck-in). Plus, my Gucci loafers were worth every penny with the amount of times they’ve been worn (they run true to size). I should also note – if you are looking for a new work bag – I’m obsessed with these Senreve bags! So chic!

No matter what your budget may be, Nordstrom is always my go-to for investment pieces and quick fixes. All of these items will be on REPEAT this season so stay tuned for more variations coming soon.

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