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The 6 Products from Sephora That I Can’t Live Without + The Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event


Who doesn’t love Sephora? It is without a doubt my go-to for all things beauty, skincare, makeup and tools. If you’re a beauty lover of any sorts it is most likely that you are part of their Beauty Insider Program and in that case I have some VERY exciting news for you! If it’s possible, everyone’s favorite beauty program just got better! Sephora is making some fabulous changes to the Beauty Insider Program, which means more points, more choices, and more rewards for members. To celebrate these exciting changes Sephora announced their Beauty Insider Appreciation Event which is happening NOW! Don’t miss out on this great excuse to splurge, restock your current favorites or find new obsessions!

Here is everything you need to know about the Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event:

  • Timing: Rouge members shop early access starting August 24th – September 3rd. VIB and Sephora Beauty Insider Members get to shop from August 30 – September 3rd!
  • Rouge get 20% off purchases. Use code YESROUGE
  • VIB get 15% off purchases. Use code YESVIB
  • Insiders get 10% off purchases. Use code YESINSIDER
  • How: Visit Sephora in store and online! You just have to be a Beauty Insider Member to qualify. The event ends Monday, September 3rd so don’t miss out!
  • Redeem online ONCE or AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT in-store!
  • Not a Beauty Insider yet? Signing up is easy! Join now in-store or online at RIGHT HERE.

In honor of the Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event I thought I’d share my appreciation for 5 items from Sephora that I honestly can’t live without. All of these items are products that truly can’t be replaced in my routine. They are used (almost) everyday and I have no interest in making a change. They get the job done and help me feel like my best self when I walk out the door.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask – I have re-purchased this product 3 times because I love it so much. I use it so much more than a weekly mask because it is one of my favorite ways to wake up my face in the morning. It fights dehydration, moisturizes and really just brings your skin back to life. A must have! It is the ONE beauty product that I take with me everywhere. Trust me, if you’re a mom, travel a lot for your job or just generally don’t get enough sleep and feel like your skin has taken a toll – then this face mask will be your new best friend.

T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand – EVERY SINGLE DAY I get asked how I curl my hair and it is all thanks to this magic wand. Coming from someone who never thought it would ever be necessary to spend money on a curling iron, trust me it is 100% worth it. A quick tutorial: I curl my hair using the 1 inch straight barrel, curl it tight, spray and brush out completely). My hair is very thick and heavy so curling tight is important so that my waves stay all day long. When my hair is longer I’ll use the 1.25 inch straight barrel for a looser wave and if we have a wedding or an event where I want more curls vs. waves then I use the tapered barrel. It curls your hair FAST so for those of you short on time then I promise this wand will do wonders for your routine.

Moroccanoil Treatment – When people ask me “why does your hair look so healthy? why does your hair look so shiny?” My response is THIS. I usually put a few drops on my hands and rub them together and work it into the bottom half of my hair, really focusing on the ends. If my hair is really dry (usually in the winter), I’ll add Moroccanoil to my hair BEFORE I blowdry.

Living Proof Flex Hairspray – The best of the best of the best. It holds but also leaves your hair feeling like there is no hairspray involved. The scent of Living Proof products is perfection, too. Not featured in these photos but their Dry Shampoo is what dirty hair dreams are made of.

Living Proof Volume Blast – I have shared before/afters of using this product in my stories and everyone is always blown away. It brings unwashed hair back to life! I also use it before an event, if I know I’m going to be in humidity or when I just want to add a little drama. One of my all time favorite hair products, ever.

Ok, first things first. If you’re not a Sephora Beauty Insider Member then sign up RIGHT NOW. Trust me it is beyond worth it, this is an event you don’t want to miss! Next, tell me what you’re buying from the Beauty Insider Appreciation Event!

In collaboration with Sephora.