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Coffee with Liz • August 10, 2018

Coffee with Liz Q&A series

I should rename this series Cocktails with Liz because I can’t seem to get my act together in time to post this when you’re actually enjoying your coffee! One of these days I’ll get back in a groove – promise. Hope you all had a lovely week! If you follow me on Instagram you saw that we are potty training Charlie and it seems to be going well so far. I feel so proud of my tiny human. He is becoming such a little boy! Our plans this weekend consist of potty training AND we have a babysitter tomorrow and are taking a bus to see Zac Brown Band in Wisconsin! So so excited. A much needed break after a hectic week. Cheersing you rosé from Chicago! xoxo

I’m a physician returning to work at 7 weeks postpartum. I have 20 lbs to lose, and I refuse to buy new work pants as I will be losing this baby weight eventually (!). Given the heat of Charleston, I am trying to find some midi-length skirts and dresses for work that won’t break the bank (taking a major pay cut for the year). I prefer to have a skirt length that falls below the knee because it professionally should be visible below my white coat. Any recommendations? Thanks!

I think ASOS has the prettiest selection of midi skirts! The perfect way to dress up even a basic tee. This Everlane dress would be so flattering for postpartum bodies because it goes in at the waist – you could easily transition it to fall with a leather jacket and booties, too. 

One of my best girlfriends just graduated from college! I’d love some gift ideas around $50?

I love these monogrammed card cases for credit cards or business cards or her first set of pretty wine glasses now that she is a big kid! Ha. 

I know this is probably thinking ahead, but I am in serious need of some reliable but fashionable work shoes for the fall/winter months. I work in an office, but it is pretty casual (we can wear dark jeans every day).  Do you think booties are still a solid choice? I’m on a somewhat tight budget but do appreciate the need to spend a little to get something quality! Any recommendations would be so appreciated! 

I’m loving these booties for fall (under $100!) and these booties in black are a good dressier option. Winter is a rough time of year with shoes, it’s either boots or cold ankles. When I worked in the corporate world I would wear winter boots for the commute and even change into some cute loafers or more stylish sneakers

We are knee deep in a kitchen renovation and followed your Instagram Stories during your renovation. My question is, how in the world did you clean up all the dust?? It is already driving me crazy and we are just one week in. Would love recommendations on vacuums, cleaning tools that helped!

So we moved in with my parents for 5 weeks because I couldn’t handle the dust. Jack was also so little and I didn’t think it would be good to expose him to the mess. Because of this I chose to just let it be until the end because any hope of cleaning in between was a lost cause. If you’re living in it then I would say do your best (or make sure your contractor does his best!) to seal off the rooms you are working on. Also, I would seal your HVAC vents in those rooms as well so it doesn’t travel through those to get to other rooms. We didn’t do this and it was a mess. At the end we ended up hiring a cleaning service who DEEP CLEANED our house in one day, then we had a company come out and vacuum/suck out all of our ducts and we changed the filters ever couple weeks religiously for a few months. This seemed to help! No more dust. 

My sister just got engaged and is planning her wedding. She is only having me as her bridesmaid and has left my dress decision up to me. Where would you recommend looking? I don’t think she cares if it’s a traditional bridesmaids dress so would like to avoid that!

I’m not sure if you’re local but I used Bella Bridesmaids and there are sooo many options in every color imaginable and all beautiful designers! They actually have a ton of locations are the US so maybe there is one by you. 

I am planning a trip to Italy in September. My husband and I didn’t go on a honeymoon after our wedding last summer and so this is it 🙂 I am wondering if you have any good suggestions for comfortable shoes that I can walk around all day in but also look somewhat chic. I want to bring a mix of daytime dresses and cute staples and need a few neutral but nice looking flats or mules. I would love to avoid looking super touristy and strapping on sneakers with my regular outfits as well as not being able to walk around because my shoes are not practical. Any suggestions you have would be great!

Ok I love mules but if you’re walking around a lot I think they are going to be a pain. They are great for day to day but they slip off your feet easily. If you want to splurge a little then I would say the Chloe Lauren flat. They are like BUTTER. Ok I’ve also heard amazing things comfort wise about this brand and these loafers (wait you guys, these are seriously so cute) and these loafers are SO CUTE. You can’t go wrong with this classic ballet flat style either. 

I am newly pregnant with my second and will have my first experience being pregnant during the winter. Any suggestions for a cute and comfortable maternity jacket? I live in Texas so I don’t need a parka or anything too bulky. Thank you!

I actually never needed/purchased an actual maternity coat because my babies were born in the fall. I usually just used an anorak and left it unzipped. This maternity style is super cute! This maternity duffle coat also comes in a bunch of pretty fall/winter colors. Nordstrom looks like they have some great options!

I have a 4 month old and have not been able to get back into the groove of cooking. I’m amazed you are able to cook dinner with two kids! Can you share when you are able to find the time to make dinner? After bedtime? Before? Do you all eat together or do you and Dave eat after the kids are in bed?

So I haven’t mastered all of us eating together just yet. Charlie is usually hungry around 5:30/6pm which is around the time Jack takes a bath, has his bottle and goes to bed. Most nights Charlie eats a version of what we are eating but a little earlier. If he has a bigger snack after his nap then I will try to push his meal time to ours which is 6:45/7pm on a good night. Sometimes Dave and I decide that we would like to have a quiet, enjoyable dinner (ha! doesn’t happen often with a toddler) and don’t eat until after both boys are asleep. It all depends! When we only had Charlie and he was younger I rarely cooked dinner. Most nights we ate takeout or I picked something up that was pre-made. Give it time! It will all catch up eventually. 

I am getting ready to give birth to my first born in the next few weeks and was wondering what you loved wearing post baby? I know we will have a lot of visitors and I want to get a few new items that are comfortable to wear yet feel cute. Also, was there anything that you are glad you packed in your hospital bag this time around with Jack? 

I was all about cozy! Something like this jumpsuit with a cute cardigan, this matching set (also love this set), I loved these tanks for nursing paired with cute joggers or leggings (I still wear these leggings sometimes #truth). Trust me when I say you need this in your hospital bag. Also my all time favorite pajamas that look cute in all photos and cozy socks. Otherwise the hospital will give you everything you need!! 

I love trying the new beauty and skincare products that you recommend but sometimes find that I have too many and wonder if you have any suggestions on what to do with things I didn’t really like or use. I hate to throw things away!  

Ugh this is tough! I have tried to contact so many places to see if they accept gently used beauty products and they are really hard to find. I would suggest that first because maybe there is a women’s shelter or something that would be willing to accept. Otherwise I usually hand them off to my friends who I think would benefit from them! I wish I had a better answer for this!
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