Beauty over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

A Special Gift for Mother’s Day

Fun fact about me: gift giving is my love language. I take serious pride in finding gifts that I think the person will love but that also has a special meaning. This Mother’s Day I was struggling to come up with a new gift idea for my mom. I’ve done all of the typical gifts in the past – a MOM necklace, a gift certificate for a massage, a pretty sweater…the list goes on. This year I wanted to give her something that maybe she wouldn’t buy for herself but that had significant meaning behind it.

Majority of you have never met my mom but she is such a special person. She would befriend a bumble bee if she could. She starts conversation with everyone, is always willing to drop everything to lend a helping hand and genuinely goes out of her way to do something for you before you even think of it. She is the definition of a mom and the best one in the world. And she is always happy. Seriously. I don’t know how she does it but her attitude is always upbeat and positive. She is a everyone’s cheerleader. When we were younger my mom wore Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It was her signature scent and I always loved that it was light, fresh and happy. I loved it so much that when I started high school, it became my signature scent too. It’s something that will forever remind me of my mom.

I went into Sephora and tested the new Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs and was immediately transported back to those days. I knew that it would be a great gift to give my mom this Mother’s Day, knowing that she would feel the same nostalgia I do when I smell the warm floral fragrance. Daisy Love is a little more sophisticated (than Daisy) but just as light, fresh and happy. A perfect representation of our relationship since I’ve become a mom and now that she is a grandmother! I let my mom open her gift a little early and she didn’t have to say anything, she knew exactly what this gift meant. Special memories that seem like yesterday!

In collaboration with Sephora