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Coffee with Liz • April 13, 2018

Weekly blogger Q&A series with Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes.

Happy Friday! We are currently in Turks & Caicos – are you following along in instagram?? – and soaking up every moment of our time away! I can’t tell you how excited I am to read a book!!! I bought Crazy Rich Asians and Little Fires Everywhere thanks to your recommendations 🙂 Have a great weekend! xx

Can you recommend a few mid-higher end silk blouses that look great and hold up? I’m in the market to spend more and buy less, and I’d love some brand recommendations for tops that stand the rest of time!

Cuyana and Everlane have the most beautiful silk blouses!! This, this, this and this are my favorites. 

I’m in need of a cute pair of white sneakers that aren’t the standard Adidas/white Converse everyone wears. Any ideas?

I love Superga sneakers!

I just got engaged and am getting married this September on Cape Cod! I’m super excited but would love some advice for a rehearsal dinner dress. I have very classic, preppy style but I love a fun detail like tassels!

Congrats!! I love this, this, this and this (tassels!)!

I would love some outfit advice for my upcoming trip to northern Italy/Tuscany. We’re going to be doing some wine tasting and a lot of walking/exploring but from what I can tell, we’ll be lucky if we get highs in the low 70s.

I’ve loved seeing your workouts recently and hearing about your fitness journey and routine! I’m seven weeks postpartum and just got the go-ahead to start exercising again. I’m anxious to get back to my old routines but know I need to ease into things. Where did you start?

I would start slow! Just listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. I started with the elliptical a few times a week (less impact) and went from there. I also started working with a trainer who started by observing my strength level – which was low – and building on that. My suggestion is to start with low impact cardio and light weights. Especially if you’re nursing, you don’t want to go overboard. Have you heard about AAPTIV? It is one of my favorite apps! It is basically a personal trainer in your pocket and they have postpartum workouts! You can use code LIZSS for 30% off a year membership.

I am going to a garden wedding in New Jersey in May.  I’m having a hard time finding a dress.  Do you have any recommendations?

I think Yumi Kim has the dreamiest dresses for a garden wedding! I especially love this, this and this

I was just asked to be the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding. Was there anything your MOH did that you really appreciated/made you feel really special? Anything you have observed other MOHs do that was super helpful? Anything you’ve observed that made you cringe? I know the basics of planning the bridal shower/write a short and sweet speech/plan a fun bachelorette party but any specific tips you have would be appreciated! 

My maid of honor was my sister and visa versa so we pretty much just told each other what we needed from the other, ha! I think just generally feeling enthusiastic about your role as MOH is exciting for the bride. As a bride you know that being a MOH is a big responsibility so I think having one that really runs with it is a good thing. It takes a lot of pressure off of the bride. The role of a bride comes with some guilt, you don’t want people to do things that they don’t want to do/feel uncomfortable with so I say just own your role the best that you can! She will appreciate anything/everything. 

I am graduating from nursing school (yay!) in May, and would love some help finding a graduation dress. I have been in school for six years and don’t have much for a budget. I would like to see if you can help me find any cute dresses for graduation preferably under $60. Also, I live in Wisconsin, so dresses of all lengths/warmth are welcome.

I love this maxi dress, this tie front dress is classic and cute, this wrap dress comes in a bunch of pretty prints (also love this wrap dress) and this pretty pastel dress in the most flattering silhouette!

We’re traveling to Croatia with a 3.5 month old for the first time in June and I have absolutely no idea what I’ll need.  What travel stroller and car seat do you use? We have the UPPAbaby for around home, but not sure we should travel with it. For the nights we’re in hotels I’m assuming we can ask them for a crib. Is there anything I should be thinking of when using hotel cribs? I noticed Jack sleeps in a sack, what is that used for? Do I need something for her to chill in when we travel, e.g. at home we have the Baby Bjorn bouncer, play mats, a dock a tot? It’s all feeling rather overwhelming. 

We travel with both of our car seats (infant and convertible) and our City Mini GT stroller. We usually only use a single stroller for now and then I’ll wear Jack in our Baby Bjorn or Solly wrap. I would call your hotel and see what they have available. I would also search to see if there are any places you can rent baby products – car seat, bouncers, etc. The less you have to travel with, the better! I did a big travel post here that should be helpful!

I just turned 25 and live in Chicago; I want to treat myself to a new designer bag. A crossbody of some sort. I have an LV neverfull and the Gucci soho for reference, any suggestions on some good crossbodys? Looking for a black or darker colored one.

I just did a post about designer bags that should be helpful! I also love this Saint Laurent Bag, this YSL bag is pretty bomb and I loooove my Gucci Marmont bag.

My husband and I are going to a musical play (Jersey Boys) at the end of April in Minneapolis. This is my first play and I am not sure what I should wear. I love a good excuse to dress up but I also don’t want to be TOO dressed up. I initially was thinking a cute dress and some heels but now am second guessing that. What do you think?!

You’ll see people in jeans and people in dresses so whatever you’re comfortable with! I would say maybe meet in the middle with a cool pair of wide leg pants and a pretty silk blouse? Or a fun dress and OTK boots? Either way you’ll look great!!

Do you have any gift ideas for Mother’s Day for a mom with 3 grown kids and 6 grandchildren (with one on the way!)? She already has a necklace with all the grandkids birthstones. I’d love to get her something sentimental or practical. She has pretty much everything she wants and is not a huge fashion person but loves her grandkids and loves to cook! She also loves hosting family and friends in the summers by their pool.

Awh she sounds so cute!! What about some custom cups? Something that says like World’s Best Grandmother? Or Party at Grandma’s! In the past I’ve gotten all of our grandmother’s a coffee mug with photos of Charlie (and now Jack). I also love the idea of pretty pajamas (these too!) which I think are something every woman loves (even if you’re not into fashion). Here are a bunch of great Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Does Charlie eat his meals in his highchair or have you transitioned to a booster? Do you and Dave eat when the boys go to bed or try and eat together?

Charlie eats half the time in his high chair and half the time all over the house – ha! Sometimes he likes to sit in a regular chair, sometimes he stands at a coffee table and sometimes he sits at his little activity table. We try to have him sit in his high chair but also let him do whatever he wants! Depending on what we are cooking for dinner (and whether or not I think Charlie will eat it), we eat with Charlie or after he is in bed. Actually, lately we will just eat with him regardless. If he is eating earlier than us then we eat next to him on the couch as he has his milk before bed. It all depends!

I am due in Sept and my daughter will turn 3 soon after- do you think a double stroller is a must? I’m wondering how long a 3 year old will stay in a stroller- do you think Charlie will be in the double at 3?

Honestly yes but we walk a lot! Charlie really enjoys sitting in the stroller and I think as Jack gets older he will enjoy sitting next to him more and more. We don’t use the double stroller much right now, more so because the adapter for our car seat is annoying and I’m waiting for Jack to get bigger. I would say it isn’t necessary right away but you’ll probably want it down the road!

My husband & I are flying to California for a wedding in October. Not only were the flights spendy, but since my husband is a groomsman, the couple has requested that the wedding party members all get rooms at an expensive boutique hotel. Do we still get the couple a gift? How much do we spend?

This is tough! We have been in your shoes a few times and still wrote the couple a check. I think anywhere from $100-$250 is acceptable so maybe on the lower end? 

I am getting married this fall, and I am not doing the traditional bridal party. Instead, I am having my girlfriends get ready with me the morning of the wedding, and I would like to gift them something special to wear. Do you have any unique ideas? Everyone is all different body types so I’d like to find something flattering on everyone, but would like to stear clear of the usual robe/pajama set. Something edgier maybe? Would love to stay under $100 if possible.

Hmm, what about a cute romper? Etsy has a ton of cute t-shirts than you could pair with shorts, too!

Any suggestions for a few pairs of sunglasses under $100? I’m not sure why, but I’m so bad at shopping for sunnies!

These are probably one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses of all time and only $69 (so flattering on every shape, they always sell out so fast), these Ray Ban look-a-likes are awesome and these cat eye sunnies!
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