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Coffee with Liz • March 23, 2018

Weekly blogger Q&A series with Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes.

Hi friends! Hope you had a great week. We are in the middle of construction at our house and needless to say everything is kind of a big mess. I’m just embracing the chaos knowing that it will all be worth it in the end. I can’t wait to share more soon! What are you up to this weekend? It is Dave’s birthday on Sunday so we are laying low and enjoying some time with family and a date night on Sunday night – yay! I hope you have a great weekend. xoxo

What would you recommend or what do you have your eye on for a spring/summer “mom bag”—I feel like I need something brighter for the warmer weather!

I rotate between three bags. My FAWN diaper bag (I looooove the new dusty blue and oatmeal colors!), a crossbody bag and a tote. Furla has some really fun, bright bags for Spring! A few more favorites include this crossbody bag, this yellow tote and this tote reminds me of a Celine bag but only $60 (I love the color)!

I have a black tie wedding coming up this April and I’m struggling to figure out what to wear. It’s inside at a very nice hotel. I am a new mom and going to probably need to pump mid-wedding so I need a dress that can work for a nursing mom/ won’t show leaks or can work with leak pads. Also, I want to make sure I’ve dressed appropriately without being the most overdressed but I am short so ideally, something not floor length. 

This Yumi Kim dress is perfect for pumping and the print would hide any leaks! It also comes in this gorgeous color. A few more options here, here and here

What are you favorite PJs/loungewear?  I am pregnant and looking for cute and comfortable PJs for hanging around the house once the baby comes!

I LIVE in these pajamas. I think I have three pairs. I also love these short sets which I wear all summer with a cozy cardigan. 

I am 26 weeks pregnant with my first baby and struggling with finding maternity clothes. Any recommendations? I know a lot of people recommend just sizing up in regular clothes but any maternity lines you really liked? Also, I have my baby showers coming up in April. I’ll be 30 weeks at my first and 32 weeks at my second. I’m having such a hard time finding dresses! I’m looking for something that’s not too form fitting so I’ll be comfortable all day in it. I would love any suggestions!

This blog post should be very helpful! My favorite maternity brands and great suggestions for dress shopping!

I’m having my newborn photo shoot on 3/31 and wondering if you have any recommendations on what we should all wear. Have you done one with your boys before? (I know a lot of people just have the little one in a diaper or naked, but thinking of some cute outfits while still keeping it simple.) I’d love to find something that’s flattering—while I’m close to my pre-pregnancy weight, I still don’t feel my best.
I recommend sticking to a color palette and going from there! I feel like my go-to is always white/blue because it works for everyone. I would probably wear a white dress (I love this or this) and have my boys in gingham blue/white shirts and denim or khakis. 
I’m planning on moving in with my boyfriend this summer which will be the first time we both live with an S.O. We also tend to have slightly different lifestyles (he sleeps late, I go to bed early, etc.) I’m wondering ways you would recommend we have an easier transition of living together or things you may have experienced when you first started living with Dave. We’re pretty much together all of the time as it is and committed to the relationship but obviously both a little nervous and excited about this change! 
I have always told my friends that I thought moving in together was a harder transition than marriage (not to scare you!). It’s when you  learn the true lifestyle characteristics of your significant other! I would say my biggest suggestion is to be patient and let go of expectations. It took Dave and I about a month to get into a groove. Although you may have different schedules, I think you’ll be surprised at how your lifestyles start to align. Just remember your love for one another and learn to forgive 🙂 Good luck!
You mentioned going to Turks and Caicos soon. My fiance and I have been wanting to go, so looking to see where you are staying and what you have planned for the trip? Any tips people have told you? Would love a recap after as well as I’m sure it will be gorgeous!
I’ll be sharing all of the details once we return! 
I want to invest in a nice pair of neutral flats. I’ve been wearing variations of the Tory Burch Minnie or Reva for years and I want something a little more classic and upscale. I love the Chanel ballet flat and also the Chloé scalloped flat. I’ve seen you wear both, which do you prefer? Has either pair held up over time and are they comfortable? 
If you want to make the investment I would highly recommend going with Chanel. They are such a classic, beauty! The Chloe flats are beautiful but the leather is almost too soft and I found them losing their shape/getting scuffed up pretty quickly. I also love the Salvatore Ferragamo flats!
I’ve gone through several pairs of Tory Burch Miller Sandals and Jack Rogers Sandals over the last few summers. I typically purchase a gold pair of either type (or sometimes both) each summer, and run them into the ground by the end of the season (I’m super hard on shoes). It’s time to purchase my annual pair(s), but I’m just not feeling either right now. Any suggestions for some classic flat sandals? My office is pretty casual, so these will be for both work and play. I’d like to stay under $250.
I just bought these gold sandals and I LOVE THEM. They are so classic and pretty and I love that they aren’t super branded. A few more favorites include these ruffle slides, these pearl strap sandals and these simple thong sandals!
I am being presented at a ball this summer and am in need of a long, white gown. Everything I have found is either not conservative enough for the event or looks too much like a wedding dress. Do you have any suggestions of where to look?
Hm, I would maybe recommend a bridesmaid dress in white? BHLDN has some pretty options! I love this and this
What do you plan to put in the boys’ Easter baskets? I have a 5-month-old and am looking for some inspiration.
Charlie just received this prayer book for his Baptism and it is so sweet! Perfect for an Easter basket. I’ll probably add some candy and maybe a couple more books, too. 
We are getting family pictures taken this spring and I need some outfit inspiration for the whole family – husband, a 3-year-old boy, 8-month girl and especially for me (either cute blouses or springy dresses).
Similar to my response above, I would stick to a color palette! I did a post this week about Macy’s selection of Easter outfits for kiddos and they have so many cute options! I guess it depends on what you choose but I would stick to a solid color dress for photos. That way everything is crisp and clear!
I am getting back into a gym routine after quite a bit of time off. I’m working out with my boyfriend which has been fun and it’s great to have somebody hold you accountable for actually going to the gym. My question for you is what is your best advice on staying motivated and not getting discouraged when you’re not seeing tons of results yet (especially when your workout buddy is)? I know these things take time but I can’t help but get in my head about it!
Why do guys lose weight so much faster than women? It’s so annoying! My personal trainer told me it takes one month for you to notice a difference, two months for your friends and three months for everyone else. I would say my biggest advice is to not focus on a number but instead how you feel. I haven’t lost any weight yet but I personally feel so much stronger, my energy levels are higher, etc.. I know the weight will come! Focus on the long term goal and you’ll start to feel the difference soon!
As a fair-skinned gal in her 30s, I stick to one-piece swimsuits (way less room for sunscreen error). To keep things interesting, I look for necklines with some fun detail – scalloped edges, ruffles, one-shoulders, etc. I find that a lot of cover-ups often look awkward because they’re meant for traditional styles of suits. Any advice on cute cover-ups that will work well with these types of necklines/shoulder detailing and are specifically suited for one-pieces? 
I love a good sarong! Since you gravitate towards one-pieces I love that they are kind of a built in top. This, this and this are super cute. I also love these beach pants and this tassel kimono!
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