Family over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

Bedtime with My Babies

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Charlie’s Pajamas, Jack’s Pajamas, Plush Bunny, Waffle Robe

Getting our boys ready for bed is one of my favorite parts of the day. Not only for obvious reason (mama needs some quiet time!) but it is when everything feels calm, we get cozy, we put our phones away and spend time with just each other. Jack is becoming such a little person and watching Charlie really take on the big brother role makes my heart happy. 

One of my favorite places to shop for our kids is My 1st Years. They have the most beautiful collection of clothing, blankets, bags and backpacks, towels, toys and more that can all be personalized. You may remember our post with them around the holidays here and now I’m excited to share some items that we are using and loving lately.

Dressing my babies in matching anything may be my biggest guilty pleasure. They look so cute! I love seeing their little names on their pajamas. Charlie always points at his own chest and yells out “Char Char!” and then looks at Jack and says “Baby Jack!” My 1st Years’ pajamas are so soft and comfortable and come in the prettiest prints for both boys and girls. I love the plush bunny we got for Jack, it would make the cutest gift for your kiddos for Easter (and comes in a few colors!). I also love their stuff for adults. On any giving morning/night you will find me in my waffle robe that I had monogrammed with MOM. 

Their sweet pajamas are something that will make me nostalgic for these days. When I open up their storage bins and remember when they were this tiny and the days were chaotic and Charlie and Jack were just getting to know each other. These days are the best days and I’m grateful for every sweet moment together. 

In collaboration with My 1st Years