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Coffee with Liz • March 16, 2018

Weekly blogger Q&A series with Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes.

Hi friends, happy Friday! We have a busy weekend with family in town because we are having both boys baptized on Sunday. I am so excited! The weather is supposed to be beautiful all weekend so I’m looking forward to enjoying the sunshine with our families. I can’t wait to show you what the boys are wearing. So so cute! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

My bachelorette party is coming up in early June in Chicago! I know the weather that time of year could be warm or a little on the chilly side, any suggestions on some fun outfits for brunches or nights out?

June should be beautiful! I would say a cute romper (love this and this – so fun for bachelorette) with a blazer would be fun for a night out. Keep in mind that Chicago is pretty casual fo rate most part! For brunch I would say you can’t go wrong with high waisted jeans, cute ballet flats or sneakers and a cropped sweater.

My wedding is in October in Florida (it will be hot!) and I’m helping my mom look for mother of the bride dresses. Any ideas on brands to shop for a cocktail or midi length dress for her?

BHLDN has some pretty dresses! I’m not as familiar with designers in this category. My mom had luck shopping at more boutique dress stores, even bridal boutiques. A lot of wedding dress designers actually create more occasion collections. My mom bought her dress for my sister’s wedding (which so many of you loved!) at a boutique called L’Elite in Boston. Just doing a quick search, I found this designer and I love this dress

I saw you had mentioned that you get motion sickness, any remedies that you use to avoid it/cope?

Sadly all of the meds (Dramomine) make me feel worse! I also tend to get claustrophobic so my route is usually lots of water, Tums and a beer 🙂

I am attending a black tie optional wedding at the beginning of May and struggling to find affordable and appropriate dresses. Everything I see is either way too formal or too casual. The wedding is in the mountains of North Carolina, so weather is also bit unpredictable that time of year (ie I will likely need a wrap or light jacket). I’d like to stay under $300 if possible. 

I love the color of this Yumi Kim dress, there are a few sizes left in this gorgeous floral dress and you can’t go wrong with a pretty lace fit and flare.  

I have a 26 month old boy and wondered if you have any recommendations on learning activities that Charlie loves? And have you transitioned him to a big boy bed yet? If so, how did that go?

We do a lot of painting, puzzles and building with Charlie! He loves Magna Tiles and these puzzles. I’m also excited to get one of these responsibility calendars

Charlie is not in a big boy bed yet! He hasn’t tried to get out of his crib so we haven’t transitioned him yet. Once we do, his crib actually comes with a toddler rail which we are going to use before full transitioning to a big boy bed. 

I would love to find some jean short recommendations.  I feel like all the pairs I see on other blogs are either 1). Over $100, which is just nuts for a pair of shorts!! or 2). would only ever look good on girls who don’t have strong, thick thighs 🙁 Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I have and love J.Crew’s high waisted denim shorts! Currently 40% off, too!

I have a wedding in Cabo and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for dresses for a beach wedding? I will be six months postpartum and still nursing.

I had a wedding about the same time! I was totally that girl with her dress lifted up to her head, pumping in a bathroom stall. Ha! Personally, I feel especially large in my chest, rib cage and arms. Your boobs are just kind of at your neck so I’m tried to find dresses that would be more flattering…I love the colors of this dress, this dress looks light and comfortable (but cute and stylish, love the fit!) and this dress screams beach wedding!

Just wondering what books you recommend for new moms? I’m pregnant with my first now and would love any book recommendations for baby tips (sleep training, etc). Thanks!

I read and loved The Happiest Baby on the Block, Babywise and Bringing up Bebe!

We have recently moved to Louisville, KY and will be attending the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby this May.  I would love some outfit suggestions!  We will be seated in a corporate suite, so muddy fields hopefully will not be a factor. However, I will still plan to bring a change of shoes in case 😉. Thank you!

If it were me, I’d probably wear something like this gorgeous dress, some bright heels and a fascinator, of course!

I am going to be graduating this May from college and am on the hunt for a white dress to wear for graduation and photos with my girlfriends! I can’t seem to find any appropriate and somewhat affordable options!

I love this Club Monaco dress! So classic and sophisticated.

My clothes budget isn’t huge so I have a hard time spending money on trendy pieces that will go out of style quickly. What are some of your go-to classic looks (both for a professional work environment and for fun) that will withstand changing trends?

A few of my favorite classic looks from the past – this, this, this, this and this

I recently transitioned from working in a corporate office environment 5 days/week to mostly working from home.  I struggle with finding a balance between feeling put together/dressed for my day and staying in loungewear all day.  Any tips for everyday wear or outfit formulas that feel put together with minimal effort?

I think my biggest piece of advice is stick to the basics! Most days you’ll find me in a cute pair of straight leg jeans and a light sweater. That way I can dress is up with a pair of heels or classic ballet flats for a meeting or sneakers to pick up Charlie/run errands. Try not to get in your head too much or overthink your outfits. Sometimes less is more!

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