Jack over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

A New Baby Product for Moms

Jack is now three months old and becoming more of a little boy every day. He is super ticklish, is just starting to laugh, gives us the biggest smiles, loves to chew on his hands, kicks his little feet, stares at his big brother all day long, has the chunkiest thighs and the most expressive eyebrows. He has brought so much joy to our family and I’m truly enjoying every moment of this stage with him. You forget how wonderful every little moment is, even the hard ones that feel never-ending. Being a mom is the best.

As a mom, it sometimes feels like I’m always worried about what I’m wearing around my kids. Will I get spit up on? Will someone pull on my necklace? Will I have to wipe Charlie’s nose? Will this peanut butter come out of my sweater? It’s a constant struggle which is why I appreciate a good product that doubles as stylish and functional.

My friends at Boppy (the brand that makes our favorite lounger around the house!) recently sent me one of their teething scarves for mamas and babies. Jack is obsessed! His little hands are constantly grabbing for the silicone ring that is perfect for teething babies or those that are just figuring out how to grab onto things. Way better than the constant pulling he does with my necklace! I always get messages from my readers/followers asking how I get dressed when it can sometimes feel like your clothes are constantly destroyed by your kids. The short answer is that you just have go with it and find accessories that are made for your kids is a huge plus. Jack is a needy baby and loves to be held when he isn’t sleeping so I love throwing on this scarf to keep him occupied as I get stuff done around the house. It’s also a great distraction when we are out and about. I keep one in my diaper bag at all times!

I’m all about products that make being a mom a little easier and this scarf plays double duty as a cute accessory for mama and a treat for your babe. 

You can purchase the scarf at: Babies“R”Us, buybuyBABY and Amazon.

In collaboration with Boppy