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Staying Motivated + A Workout Playlist You’ll Love!


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With a few warm weather trips on the horizon and signs of a bikini in my near future (yikes!) I need all of the motivation I can get. Activewear is my best friend for many reasons…1. It is now socially acceptable to throw a jean jacket over your favorite workout gear and call it an outfit 2. It’s comfortable 3. People assume that you’ve done at least one productive thing that day. I went a little crazy with scooping up some of my favorite activewear post baby. Determination to get my head back in the game. You may have seen me mention that I hired a trainer because I have the hardest time holding myself accountable. I am the definition of excuses unless I find myself in a routine that I love. 

For me, a good playlist is a determining factor in my workouts being successful. I love me some good exercise tunes! We put together an awesome playlist to inspire your next workout. You can follow our playlist on Spotify here! I am all about the beat when I’m working out and these tunes are so good. I always like to have a mix of upbeat and cool down songs. Do you get motivated by a good song? I am totally that girl that dances and sings while she is running or on the stair master. #notsorry

The best motivating workout playlist on Spotify.

My greatest obstacle when it comes to being healthy/working out is myself. I tend to be the queen of excuses and I have to be in the right mindset to start a routine and stick with it. I get in my own head and when you’re a mom there are a million reasons to skip the gym or opt for an unhealthy meal because you’re short on time. Trust me, I’m guilty of it often but I always try to think about how I will feel after the fact in order to make a better decision in the moment. We have a bunch of magnets on our fridge and one of them is the below quote:

Be stronger than your excuses quote.

Isn’t it the best? I swear I look at it every day and give myself a mental pep talk. Like shut up and do it, Liz! You’ve got this! Be stronger than any excuse you want to make up in your head, you’ll thank yourself later! I love this quote so much that I had Carolyn make some iPhone wallpapers so you can have this reminder at your fingertips all day, every day. Lord knows I need it. 

iPhone 7/8 click here to download your wallpaper.
iPhone X click here to download your wallpaper

And if that doesn’t do it, there is always some cute activewear. Like I mentioned above, I’ve been going a little crazy with my shopping cart lately. See what I’ve been loving in the slider below!

Shop the post:
Madewell Denim Jacket, Nike Tee (in black here), Zella Leggings (also here), Nike Air Max Shoes (size up half size), Ray Ban Sunnies