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Defining My Style and Streamlining My Wardrobe

Shop the post: J.Crew Coat (similar here and here), Gap Girlfriend Jeans (size down 1 size for a slimmer fit), Old Navy Sweater, Gucci Mules, Balenciaga Sunglasses (look for less here), Sezane Bag

At the end of every year I always reevaluate my fashion choices. Not that any of them are complete obscure but I always tell myself my style is going to be one way and then all of a sudden I have a ton of random shit in my closet that I don’t remember buying (kidding but kind of). The truth is I sometimes like to shop like I live in a much warmer place but the reality is it is a frozen tundra 75% of the year. If I could have it my way, my daily outfit would include a dress, ballet flats and a light jacket or jeans and a light sweater with sneakers. Unfortunately Chicago doesn’t let me be me. This year I’m defining my style and streamlining my wardrobe to make sense for my lifestyle.  

As my journey as a mom progresses, I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that my wardrobe is going to be casual majority of the time. That doesn’t mean I still don’t love to get dressed up (my favoriteeee) but my purchases this year need to be based around the basics! Items that can be transformed into multiple outfits. 


Instead of starting this year with the same intentions as I always do, and never really feeling totally satisfied with what’s in my closet. I decided to tackle this issue before we left for Charleston. I spent a couple hours going through my closet and considered every item a reflection of the personal style I want to portray in 2018. No more overly patterned blouses, no more short dresses, no more pilly sweaters (that should been given away last year). No more super trendy items that cost $30 and look like crap after one wash. There is a reason they are never worn but for some reason I still keep them around. 

Want help defining your style? Ask yourself these questions.

Does this item genuinely bring me joy?

Do I feel confident when I wear this item?

Is this item flattering?

Have I worn this item at all in the last year? 

If you answer no to any of these questions then it is time to give that piece to a new, loving home. 


So what does that mean for my style in 2018? It’s going to be a more paired down and effortless version of the style you usually see here. I’m always going to feature sthe items that I have and love for specific occasions but you’re going to see me in my natural element: comfy, casual and laid back. A little more appropriate for every day. These outfits are what make me feel like the most natural version of myself and that is when I personally feel the most confident. 

Shop the post: J.Crew Coat (similar here and here), Gap Girlfriend Jeans (size down 1 size for a slimmer fit), Old Navy Sweater, Gucci Mules, Balenciaga Sunglasses (look for less here), Sezane Bag







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  1. I’m the same way and I always lean towards warmer climate clothes and basically can only wear them a quarter of the year. Womp Womp! Those are great questions to ask yourself and I definitely will be asking myself and I start purging/organizing my closet.


  2. Love this post! Speaking of pilly sweaters, do you have any advice on managing that? I have the impossibly soft white turtleneck you’ve featured a few times here and it’s looking worse for wear before the season is even out yet! I have one of those cheapie sweater de-pillers from amazon, but it doesn’t really do anything!

  3. So agree! Been working on mine since mid 2017… I like where its heading – but I officially have no warm weather clothes – ha! I guess I’ll be curating my Spring/Summer wardrobe come May (if we ever defrost here in Chicago).

  4. I try to go through my closest every few months! I barely have any winter clothes left after my last haul. But I’m trying to buy anything so I will be re-wearing a bunch of my clothes! I love your coat and your bag!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  5. This post was so inspiring! It seems so obvious to just wear and purchase the things that make you feel the most confident and comfortable, but for some reason I find myself drawn to things that might just sit in my closet. I just need to take the plunge and clean out my closet!

    PS – I love that Sezane bag so much!


  6. Loved this post, Liz! I am having the same feelings as I start the new year and as I continue on my journey as a new mom! I’ve realized that less is more and to truly gravitate towards the items that I am comfortable and confident in.
    Lauren | Midtown Magnolia

  7. I needed this post today. After shopping the after the holiday online sales – I already realized I do not need everything I bought and plan on making some returns on items that won’t last.

  8. I can’t tell you how much this resonates with me. I have a closet full of clothes but always feel frustrated that it’s not quite me. I hesitate to get rid of stuff because it may work (or I’ll wear it) because it’s okay, but I wish I could find the exact RIGHT piece to upgrade to or invest in! Looking forward to seeing this style from you!

  9. I’ve been a reader for about three/four years, but I don’t think I have ever commented. I was always a fan of your more high-fashion-focused posts, but I am absolutely loving the new direction that your blog is taking with more lifestyle/food/casual outfit posts. I can’t wait to see what sort of new material 2018 brings on here!

  10. I just finished a post very similar to yours! I also went through my closet at the end of the year and determine my ultimate sense of style. It was very a great stress reliever heading into the new year!

  11. Love this! I just gave away almost everything in my closet and am so excited to streamline & start over. So keep sharing tips & tricks 🙂 also… The Darling… I am DROOLING!

  12. Love this! I also have a two year old and a four month old and have recently started a similar process, but got a little off track. This helped me put it perfectly – to really focus on the items I know I will really wear the most.

  13. Love this! I felt the same way about going through my closet this year. However I have been struggling with what to do with my clothes once removed from my closet. I’ve been to a few consignment stores and I feel like the stores either take high-end designer (though jeans are a good bet) or super eclectic items, which is not my style. I’m interested in donating as well, but particularly for the more high-end buys, it’s tough for me to stomach. Do you have recommendations? I’m not local (Dallas) so I’m more interested in how you’d approach consignment vs. donating rather than specific stores you’d recommend. If you’ve done this post and I’ve missed it, let me know! Thanks!

  14. Ahh, we ALL struggle with this one! I do the opposite. Wish I lived in a cooler climate with scarves and jackets, etc. But I have to say, as a newer follower to you, I was scrolling through your IG posts from way back (honestly to look for more photos of Webster, my fave!) and your style is timeless! It never looked trendy or like you were trying too hard. And I LOVE that.

  15. Hi Liz, I love the gap girlfriend jeans on you, in this picture. I ordered a pair, but I was disappointed with what I received. The wash and the color were way different from what they look like on your pictures. Any other suggestions in the similar style?

  16. Reading this for the first time as you repost in 2019. This really struck a cord with me today. I came home from work and did a major closet, fridge, and cupboard purge. It brought me so much joy. Thank you!