Holiday Beauty over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

Holiday Hair: A Classic and Easy Up-Do


This may be my favorite holiday hair tutorial yet! In case you missed it, we covered mastering the perfect curls and a simple half up hairstyle and now we are adding to the half up look with this EASY up-do. 

Like I mentioned before, my hands/arms do not work in tandem. Whether it comes to blow drying my hair, braiding, etc. I just can’t get too creative or I’ll look like a hot mess. So if I’m going to attempt a hairstyle I need to know that it is easy and that I’ll be successful! My hairstylist, Reva, purposely designed these hairstyles for those that feel the same way so I hope that it is helpful. Here is what you do…

Simple Holiday Up-Do

To achieve the top portion of this up-do, refer to our half up hairstyle tutorial here.

Start by spraying a texture spray throughout your hair. Reva used Shu Uemura’s Texture Wave Spray

Gather your hair into a low pony. When putting on the elastic make sure to not pull through the hair all the way on the last wrap to form a loop or bun.

Pull lightly on small sections of the loop, allowing the loop to expand. Secure with a bobby pin to create a bun effect.

If your hair is too short you can also braid the pony, lightly pull on the sides to loosen and expand the braid and then wrap into a bun. Lightly pull pieces out around your hairline to soften the style. Finish with a light mist of hairspray.

That’s it! Can you believe this is basically just a bun? And it’s done with a rubber band so you know it will stay. Perfect for more formal events when you know you’ll be dancing the night away. 

Be sure to check out more holiday beauty looks here and let me know if you’re enjoying these posts in the comments! xoxo