Gift Guides over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

Gift Guide: For New Moms + Fawn Design Diaper Bag Giveaway

Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes Shares her Favorite Gift Ideas for New Moms

No. 1 French Press // No. 2 Apple Watch // No. 3 Leather Card Case // No. 4 Mom Life Sweatshirt // No. 5 Initial Ring // No. 6 Stationery Set // No. 7 Vanille Candle // No. 8 Mama Necklace // No. 9 Elemis Set // No. 10 Baby Journal // No. 11 Cashmere Sweatpants // No. 12 Cuyana Leather Pouch // No. 13 Striped Socks // No. 14 Fawn Design Diaper Bag // No. 15 Shearling Slippers  // No. 16 Short Sleep Set 

Being a mom is nothing short of amazing but being a new mom is a little rough. I have a soft spot in my heart for new moms. It’s such a special time but it also comes with so many uncertainties, self doubt, exhaustion and just overall feelings of being a total hot mess. I’ve received so many emails this season asking about gifts for new moms and it really made me think about the things that I received during my first few months that felt special. You’re in such a haze that a glass of wine feels like a vacation but these items are all things that make life at home with a newborn a little less stressful and a little more luxurious.

Cashmere sweatpants. I think every woman needs a pair of cashmere sweatpants. So fancy!

My favorite initial ring that I wear on my right ring finger. I have a C for Charlie and can’t wait to get another one for our new baby boy. 

A rose gold french press because you’re going to need alllll of the strong coffee.

Pretty stationary for all of your thank you notes.

A few of my favorite skincare products in an easy set that will make you feel like you went to a spa overnight. 

An apple watch. My new best friend when it comes to getting back in shape. 

Cozy slippers

My absolute favorite diaper bag that is chic and stylish.

T O D A Y ‘ S   G I V E A W A Y

I’m so excited about today’s giveaway because it answers one of my frequently asked questions! What is your diaper bag? Today I’m giving away a Fawn Design diaper bag to one lucky reader in the color of their choice! To enter, follow the widget below. This giveaway will run for 24 hours and is open to US residents only. 

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  1. Having three small kids really does make this season SO FUN. We are looking forward to getting all the cousins together this year from across the country!

  2. Liz, what a great gift guide and I have been wanting a fawn diaper bag ever since my son was born and I heard about them and now he’s 2 and we have another coming soon! This would help me look so much more stylish with two kids. I’m looking forward to the holidays with my family and just having some extra time off work to spend with my son.

  3. These are such on point picks for new moms! I’m most excited to watch my kids enjoy the season. My oldest is 3 and he is really grasping everything this year and it makes it so much fun! I love the dawn design pack in black!

  4. I think the thing I’m always most excited about for Christmas is seeing family and friends.
    And watching Muppets Christmas Carol.
    And I would love this bag in black! It’s so gorgeous!

  5. Thank you so much for this post! As a new mom to an 8 week old little girl, I plan on sending this entire post to my husband for gift ideas 😉 I am so excited to spend our first Christmas as a “family.” We had been trying to have a baby for a long time, and the feeling of completeness we feel this year is incredible. We look forward to starting new holiday traditions and enjoying time together as our little family of 3. I would honestly love this diaper bag in any color- I bought it for a friend for her shower gift and have been wanting one of my own ever since. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I’d choose the grey color Fawn bag! I’m looking forward to all the fun holiday events, parades, cookie exchanges, driving around looking at lights, etc.

  7. I’m so excited for my son’s first Christmas (even though he’ll probably only want to eat the wrapping paper!). Sending you positive vibes for a smooth delivery of baby boy #2. 🙂

  8. I am so excited about the holidays and this giveaway! Our daughter is 16 months and really starting to take it all in. We are taking our first family vacation to Ireland for New Years, and this diaper bag would be a godsend! I love the black version.

  9. Love the new mom gift guide! Keep the recommendations coming! Soon to be first mom over here and love all your recommendations, tips and support!

  10. I am most excited for relaxation during the holidays! This time of year normally makes me want to curl up with a movie and hot chocolate, but even more so now that I’m in my third trimester. Also looking forward to enjoying the last Christmas with my husband before our first baby comes in January. Would LOVE to win the grey Fawn bag!

  11. I am expecting my first any day now and would love any of these gifts under my tree! I’m feeling completely overwhelmed and excited and unprepared!

  12. I am obsessed with this post as it is SO spot on! I would love any of these items if someone gifted them to me, especially the mom sweatshirt, French press, and slippers. If I won the Fawn Design bag I would choose either gray or black.

  13. Absolutely love this post! I have several friends expecting this holiday season and needed a little help on ideas to pamper them. I’m looking forward to spending time with family this holiday season and decorating Christmas cookies with my nieces and nephews. The Tan Leather bag is stunning and I’m hoping to start a family soon, would love to win this giveaway!

  14. I need that mom life sweatshirt!!! Why have I never seen it before?! I love my Fawn bag and already want that new pretty green color!

  15. I have been eyeing that diaper bag for my second babe! Such a great list- and I’m curious to know if you have recommendations on where to find comfy post-partum clothes for maternity leave that won’t make me feel like a total slob…

  16. So many of my close friends are due with their first child this holiday season! Thanks for this guide—it will be super helpful with my Christmas shopping! 🙂

  17. I’m a new mom with my second baby, and have been dying to try this bag since having my first. Thanks so much for putting this guide together and for this amazing giveaway!

  18. I can’t wait to watch my kids see the tree in the morning and open presents! I like the grey bag for my best friend who is expecting her first baby!!

  19. I’m most excited about everything! My little guy turns 2 on Saturday and he is SO excited for Santa! He’s been singing Rudolph even!! We’re getting our tree Sunday and I can’t wait, he is loving the lights!! I would pick brown or olive, I love them both!

  20. I’m most excited to be pregnant this holiday season. After many years of loss and fertility treatments, I’m excited to welcome our baby in April. It makes me extra thankful to spend the Holiday’s with those that have been so supportive during our struggles. I would choose the gray bag! Thanks, Liz!

  21. i am most excited to find out the sex of our twins around christmas!! eeek. i think i would choose the grey. definitely using a backpack this time around (since i’ll have three kids!).

  22. Would love the grey one for number 2 coming in January! Most looking forward to relaxing this holiday, as I’m getting large and uncomfortable. 🙂

  23. I’m so excited for the holidays and for this giveaway. I have been pining after the Fawn Design bag. I would choose either brown or gray. It’s too hard to decide which! For the holidays I’m excited to spend it with my Nana for the first time in 3 years.

  24. Loving all your gift guides! Thank You for sharing … Would love this bag – this mama’s ready for a backpack diaper bag.

  25. These are all great gift’s for Mom’s!!! Definitely need to ask for the french press this year! Love this gift guide <3

  26. I’m most excited about the holidays is finishing up my first trimester on Christmas Day and getting to share our wonderful news with everyone 💛 This is such a great giveaway and I’ve been eyeing these Fawn Design bags recently! I would choose the cognac brown leather color if I won!

  27. I love this list! I’m a new mom myself (going back to work Monday 😭) and so much that’s on this list has gotten me through the first three months with my son!

  28. Such a fun guide! I am so excited that some of my kids are old enough to really get the wonder of the season; and to be with our big extended family! Love the tan Fawn bag!

  29. This is such an amazing giveaway. I am entering for a Christmas gift for my Mother as she watches three grandkids for the family while my sisters work. This is so perfect because the backpack feature is KEY for her given her age and not being able to juggle so much at once! I am so excited!

  30. I had a baby last December, and I would have loved any of these gifts. I have been wanting the Fawn Design Diaper Bag since you featured it on your blog last year (I even emailed you about it and you were kind enough to help me select a bag for a new mom.) Now that my baby is older I would love to have this diaper bag in Brown. I love it so much!

  31. As the mother of a two and half year old who just found out she’s having twins all of these things look amazing! But for sure cashmere sweats:) and house slippers are my life with a new baby!

  32. Looking forward to being a first-time mama – definitely adding some of these to my list!! I’ve been eyeing these diaper bags and would love one in light gray so hubby can carry too and since we don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl!

  33. Crossing my fingers I win this giveaway! With my 3rd little one arriving in April, I have been looking forward to giving this bag a try 😊

  34. I’m most excited for family time and seeing my sons face when he sees the tree all lit up! I would choose a black bag 🙂

  35. I just had a son in October so I’m sharing this guide with my husband! I’m excited for family to spend time with our new bundle of joy. He hasn’t met everybody yet, so the joy and excitement that the holiday season brings will be extra special!

    PS – love the diaper bag! I am just now getting used to carrying around all the essentials!

  36. I love the Fawn diaper bags! I have a toddler and my second due in a July and I definitely need an upgrade. I would go with the pretty tan leather bag. 😍

    1. Molly – noticed you mention in your comment that you love the Fawn diaper bag. I am a first time mother (due this April) who lives in the city, so I love the idea of a backpack as opposed to a shoulder bag….and it doesn’t hurt that it’s cute 🙂 Any pros/cons you can share about the bag? Any feedback is helpful! Thank you in advance!

  37. Love this gift guide! Having my first in May! I am looking forward to spending time with our extended family over the holidays. I love the gray diaper bag 🙂

  38. Hi Liz,
    I absolutely love reading your blog post. I especially love today’s post because my husband and I are expecting our second baby very soon. I have always been a fan of fawn diaper bags and would love one in tan. The thing I am most looking forward to during the holidays is spending time with my family and unwinding. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  39. Looking forward to seeing Christmas through the eyes of my two-year-old this year – it’s going to be fun since he has more understanding this year! I’ve always liked the Fawn diaper bags and would love one as we prep for baby #2 – the gray seems to be the perfect neutral color 🙂

  40. Love the gift guide – I’m excited to spend time with my family for the holidays! I’m swooning over this bag and would love it in the brown (gorgeous).

  41. I love this gift guide, there are so many cute ideas. I have been eyeing this diaper bag for awhile. It’s the perfect give away!

  42. This post is so relevant and meaningful for me right now!! With so many girlfriends who just found out they are expecting or recently delivered, I absolutely love these thoughtful ideas! I also love love love the story behind Fawn Design! The bag in light grey is beautiful! This Christmas I am most excited for all the decorations and to be with our growing family and friends!

  43. Hi Liz!

    This holiday season I’m most excited to be pregnant with my first! It’s such a special time and it’s makes this holiday season that much better! Loving all of your Motherhood content and advice as well. This gift guide is fantastic (seriously want it all!) and these Fawn diaper bags are SO cute and chic! All colors are beautiful and if I have to pick just one it would be gray. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

  44. So many of these are favorites already as a SAHM of two but those cashmere pants and sleep set would really elevate my puke covered, ripped sweats! Merry Christmas!

  45. I am most excited about watching our 16 month old see all of the Christmas magic this holiday season! The brown fawn bag is so beautiful!

  46. I’m most excited for this first holiday season with our baby boy-taking him to see christmas lights, santa, all the good stuff! And totally loving the Fawn bag in grey!

  47. Celebrating our first Christmas at home with just our little family of three! I LOVE the brown Fawn Design Diaper Bag!

  48. Love this gift guide! I’m welcoming my second child in March. One issue: the French press. I love French press coffee, but let’s be honest as a new mom we really need our coffee administered intravenously!! 😂

  49. Couldn’t agree more about having a soft spot for new moms! I was on me of the first of my friends, so I think about what I can do now that I’ve been through the new mom thing to help my girl friends when they become moms too! Such a special time but can be so hard!

  50. So many of my friends are pregnant, so this is a great guide for gifts they’ll actually want! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  51. Great ideas for gifting. I am so looking forward to days off for Christmas to relax and spend as much time with the family as possible and feel all the love we have for one another. I would choose the black Fawn Design Diaper bag. It is the best diaper bag I have ever seen. Love to own one.

  52. You always have the best gift guides! Looking forward to spending the holidays with my family and taking time off to be with my 14 month old daughter. Holidays will be extra special this year. I’d love the gray leather bag!

  53. For the holidays, I am most excited about getting to spend time with family — both my family and my boyfriend’s family, since they live out of town. I cannot wait to see his nephew (just turned 1 in July!) and watch him open his gifts and really get to experience Christmas this year. I would choose either the black or gray Fawn Design bag!

  54. I can’t wait for all of the festive parties over the holidays, especially hosting friends at our new house! I’m not a mom or a mom to be, but I know one that would love the Fawn diaper bag as a gift. Thanks for all of the amazing giveaways!

  55. This is great! I just became a first time mom last week. My son was born at 32 weeks but is growing like a rockstar in the NICU. I may ask for a few of these things for Christmas 🙂

  56. We just cut down and put up our tree but it still needs ornaments. I am excited to decorate it as a family. This weekend I am getting together and having a cookie baking party with the ladies of my family. I’ve still got some leftover apples from my applesauce and apple butter, so I might make the apple cookie recipe that you shared! If I won, I would choose the olive color.

  57. There’s lots to be excited for like my moms gingerbread cookies! Yum! But my daughters birthday is Christmas Day and she turns 2! Eek!!! Where did the time go?! Also, new baby arrives December 11th. A new diaper bag would be lovely. Seeing as in true 2nd baby to come form I haven’t really gotten much yet.

  58. Looking forward to spending time with family and my 14 month old daughter this holiday season. I’ve been eyeing the Fawn diaper bag for awhile so it would be Christmas come early if I was picked. Best of luck to you on baby #2!!! Love your blog.

  59. I love spending time with my family during the holidays. I’m also really excited for Christmas morning with my son and husband😊

    I love the brown diaper backpack

  60. I have a diaper bag from pottery barn that I used for my daughter but it is so big I ended up using it for a travel bag and just usin my Tote purse to haul her stuff around!

  61. I’m about to have my first in February, so this list is helpful for me as i build out my own wish list! Thanks for all the giveaways and happy holidays!

  62. Love this! I’m a new mom and will be forwarding this to my husband. The initial ring and sweatshirt are my favorites!

  63. A fawn diaper bag has been on my wish list for so long! I have four friends and a sister all having babies within the next month, these are great gift ideas!

  64. Having a new baby girl this Christmas and watching her smile when she sees the lights on our Christmas tree! The fawn is gorgeous. I would choose the tan color!

  65. I love this! The cashmere sweatpants are the cherry on top to. Having my first next year and definitely sending this guide to the hubby.

  66. This holiday season I am really looking forward to spending time together as a family. To watch my two year old finally enjoy the season( since he’s old enough this morning year to notice) , to share my news of new pregnancy with family and to cherish moments as a family of three before we become a family of four this summer. I love the fawn diaper bag in the blush or grey(so hubby would use it too 😉)

  67. I am so excited for watching my baby start to discover new things including Christmas ornaments and Christmas music!

  68. I’m most excited about seeing all of the great Christmas decorations and the first snowfall! I would love the black bag.

  69. What a wonderful gift guide and so spot on for new moms! I’m 25 weeks pregnant with our baby boy and absolutely love the Fawn Diaper Bag in gray. I’m excited to slow down a bit and enjoy this time with our family.

  70. Loving this bag for so many reasons. My favorite color is the Olive one. I’m looking forward to seeing what Santa brings for my li’l ones. I have a 7 month old and a 3 year old.

  71. I am most excited this year because we have a new boy to celebrate this year! We had our second son in May and this will be his first Christmas. Our first Christmas as a family of four! I’ve been eyeing Fawn Design for a long time and would love one in the color black!

  72. While I’m not a new mom (or even a mom, yet) I would love this bag for travel and have on hand for when I am able to use as a diaper bag! love your blog

  73. This bag is both fashionable and functional. Love it! I would get it in gray. I’m looking forward to baking cookies on Christmas week with my sisters.

  74. I have the fawn design mini and am obsessed! It’s perfect for carrying everything I need for my toddler. However, with a second baby on the way, I’ve been dying to upgrade to the full size!

  75. These are gorgeous gifts!!! I am so excited for my baby’s first Christmas and spending the holidays with our families! The light gray is gorgeous!!

  76. This is a great list! I love the initial ring. I would need a C for my Claire too 🙂 I would like the blush or the gray bag.

  77. I’m looking forward to spending Christmas at home with family with plenty of nostalgic movies and music! I am in love with the black!

  78. My cousins are having their first baby in the next 1 1/2 weeks, so these are perfect ideas for the new momma! I wouldn’t mind most of these myself, though. Cashmere sweatpants for all! A couple of my friends have that bag in black, but seeing your grey one makes me want that color!

  79. Thanks for the giveaway! I won’t be a mom, but If I win I will give it away too.
    Such a wonderful diaper bag can be a blessing for every new mom. I think the olive color bag is the best.

  80. I’m due with my first boy (who we’re naming Charlie) the first week of January, so I’m excited for my last holiday season with my husband and to prepare for our expanding family! And I love the bag in pink – so fun and feminine!

  81. So excited for our first babe to be with us during the holiday season! A few days late (im)patiently waiting for his or her arrival! The grey would be fabulous 🙂

  82. I’m simply looking forward to time with my family! My daughter just turned one so Christmas will be so much fun with her this year. Thank you for the great giveaway and gift guide. I would love this gorgeous bag in grey!

  83. Great picks 👏🏻 The Fawn diaper bag is definitely on my splurge list!
    PS – you’re going to love being a boy mom, it’s the BEST 😍

  84. Love these gift ideas! I’m looking forward to baking and eating all the Christmas cookies! 🙂 I’d love the gray bag!

  85. Love this gift guide! I’m looking forward to spending the holidays with family and our sweet new baby. I would love the bag in gray.

  86. Love this post! My due date was 11/28 and am just waiting for this little guy to come out. Your stories of #stillpregnant have given me many laughs over the last 2 weeks! And your holiday posts have been amazing!

  87. I’m looking forward to putting up Christmas decorations in my new home and eating lots of Christmas cookies! I love the Olive bag.

  88. I’m most excited for enjoying all of the Christmas decorations and dreaming of next Christmas when my first baby will be 8 months old! My friend has this bad and loves it! Hers is black and beautiful so I would most likely get black too.

  89. Great ideas! I forgot about myself after baby #1 – don’t want to do so after baby #2 due in April! A little reminder to pamper yourself/another new Mom is a great idea.

  90. I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays as a family of 4 ! I’d choose the brown (I’ve been eying this bag FOREVER!)

  91. I am dying for that diaper bag!! So chic! I also have that sweatshirt and it’s the coziest thing I own. I love it! This is such a great list, Liz!!

  92. What a beautiful diaper bag! What I am most excited for this December is meeting my new baby boy!! He is due December 28th and I can’t wait to hold him! It’s a touch pick between the gray or the black but I think I’d choose the black diaper bag! Thanks for all the posts! I wish you well with your upcoming labor and delivery!!

  93. This is such an awesome gift guide and giveaway! As a new mom, I’m most looking forward to experiencing the holiday through my son’s eyes. We had so much fun picking out a tree and I can’t wait to see his face when we get all of the lights and decorations on it. He’s at the fun stage where he’s totally in awe of everything. If this bag were mine, I’m torn between the gray and the olive!

  94. Such great ideas! The fawn diaper bag is such a great investment!! And I’m obsessed with the elemis cleansing balm.

  95. I have been reading your blog for awhile and I just love the look of this diaper bag!!! As a new Mom, I know the importance oh a good bag. I love the gift guide for new moms. All of these items look fantastic!!

  96. I am absolutely looking forward to celebrating my baby boys first Christmas and the start of new traditions with him! I love the black fawn bag in the color black!

  97. I am SO excited about this post and giveaway – I’m a new Mom to a 4-month old girl and I have been lusting after the Fawn bags for a while! I love my SkipHop bag but it’s shoulder bag and I feel like my Petunia Pickle bottom one is sooo small on the inside! Everything about the holidays seems new and exciting with a baby, I can’t wait to watch her experience it all!

  98. I’m really looking forward to making new memories with my 3 year old this year! This is such a fun age for the holidays and I can’t wait to share it with her. I’m also expecting my 2nd child and have LOVED these Fawn bags but haven’t wanted to spend the money on myself. Winning one would be so special. I’d love the gray color. Thanks!!

  99. I am looking forward to Christmas so much this year! I just had my first baby in October and can’t wait to share the special holiday with my new son 🙂 I love the brown diaper bag!

  100. I am so looking forward to experiencing the season with two crazy toddler boys this Christmas!! And I am obsessed with the grey color bag you have pictured!!

  101. I’m looking forward to our first Christmas as a family of 3! My daughter was born in September and the holidays are going to be so fun now that there is finally a baby in the family. I love the Fawn bag in grey!

  102. I’m most excited about all putting on our matching xmas jammies and drinking mimosas on xmas morning, all while trying to distract our one year old from pulling ornaments off the tree 🙂 I’ve heard wonderful things about the fawn diaper bag; now that our son is walking, the backpack would be perfect! I would choose the olive color.

  103. Happy Holidays! I’m most excited to jusr cozy up with my family and do all the holiday things. Having a kiddo has brought so much magic back to this time of year! I think I would choose the gray bag..but all are so beautiful. Love love the gift guide!

  104. I am excited to spend the holidays with my new little man who will be 4 months Christmas Eve! And a brown Fawn Design bag would just be an awesome added bonus!

  105. This would be perfect for my sister in law. Just had her first baby!
    I’ve been following you on InstaStories pretty diligently waiting for Baby A to arrive. I know you have a life and don’t post every second on InstaStories….so if I am interpreting your silence on InstaStories right and you are having your baby…Good Luck!!! and Congratulations! If you are literally sick in bed or just taking a break from social media……my bad!

  106. Love this gift list! I’m most excited about spending some quality chill time with my family this holiday season. As for the bag, I can’t decide between gray and brown! They are both gorgeous!

  107. I would love to win a Fawn Diaper Bag. Baby #1 is due in about 6 weeks and having a stylish, yet functional diaper bag would be amazing, as I’m sure I’ll be using that more than my own purse in this next stage of my life!

  108. My guy is still young (3 months) so I just have most of the essentials are in my diaper bag. One of my favorite things is an insulated bag that says, “poppin’ Bottles” – gotta love Mom humor

  109. Eeeks! This bag! If I don’t win I already plan on buying one next week during their holiday sale. Can’t wait. Happy holidays

  110. I’m excited to experience Christmas through the eyes of my 16 month old twin boys, who are obsessed with Santa! I love the FAWN diaper bag in basic black color so that my husband would feel comfortable carrying it around too!

  111. What a wonderful gift idea list for new moms! I’m especially loving that baby journal. I would love a fawn bag in brown. This holiday season I’m most excited about baking and decorating cookies with my kids.

  112. I have been dying for one of these diaper bags. I am due with my first child in one week and already bought my diaper bag before learning about these. They look absolutely perfect and I love the gray color. Obviously, I am most looking forward to holding my daughter this holiday season. Good luck to you and your family too! Almost there!😉

  113. I am most excited to snuggle on the couch with my newborn, 3 year old, husband and dog, while watching Christmas movies! The black diaper bag would be my top choice.

  114. I think I would go with the gray bag and we are welcoming our first little one in a matter of days so very excited about that!!

  115. My best friend is due with twins in January! So many great ideas I know she would love and perfect timing on this giveaway!

  116. I can’t wait to watch my toddler open his gifts since I feel like he might get it a little more this year! I love your bag color and lord knows I could use one that keeps my hands free!

  117. I absolutely love this post and giveaway! If I won the Fawn Design diaper bag, I would pick Black because it goes with everything and if anything spilled you couldn’t see! For the holidays, I’m most excited for all the decorations and music that comes out around this time. I love how happy everyone is.

  118. What an amazing gift guide!!!! As a soon to be new mama for the first time, I now know what to add to my Christmas list! I also work with a bunch of women (labor and delivery nurses) and there are about 10 of us that are pregnant or just had babies and it will be so fun to use some of these ideas for gifts for them too!!!!

  119. So many great ideas, Liz! I had my first baby in March and have several of these items on my Christmas list. Praying for you and your growing family this week! XO

  120. Looking forward to spending time with family and preparing for our baby girl’s arrival in January! I’d love the fawn diaper bag in gray.

  121. I’m looking forward to making and distributing Christmas cookies to friends and family this season. I love the fawn bag in the brown.

  122. I love these ideas! I have a two and a half week old daughter and in the midst of that new mom haze. These gift ideas are spot on!

  123. What a wonderful idea. Everything on here is exactly right — the Apple Watch would be so helpful when timings naps. I’m expecting my first little nugget in Feb. I’m most excited to keep watching her my belly grow this holiday because I know that means she’s getting big and strong. I’ve been eyeing the Fawn Design bags for MONTHS, and so excited to see your giveaway. I’d be thrilled with the tan/brown one. 💕

  124. I love that initial ring! I might ask for that for my Santa gift this year… my daughter’s first Christmas is the perfect occasion. Wishing you and your family the best this season! xo

  125. Great gift guide, Liz. I’m most excited about having my new little guy meet all of his family at Christmas time this year! I’m still hunting for a diaper bag as I haven’t left the house much with my newborn. Love the gray fawn diaper bag!

  126. I am most excited to watch other people open gifts.. I love giving presents. I always end up choosing black or brown for bags, I’m too practical.

  127. Excited to watch the excitement of Christmas on my 3 year old’s face and hold my newborn baby who will only be 2 weeks old on Christmas. This bag would be the perfect christmas gift for my new babe and me! Love the gray!

  128. So torn between the brown and gray! I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with our families this holiday season

  129. These diaper bags look amazing! I’ve always struggled with mine, it just doesn’t work well with a busy life and baby! Plus this one is super cute and looks great with any outfit (always a plus!!)! I would choose the grey, if I won! Love it!

    Happy holidays! Can’t wait to see your new bundle of joy! My favorite part of the holidays is spending it with your favorite people and loved ones, nothing better! And maybe cookies!! 🙂

    Your blog posts are everything! 🙌🏽

  130. I am most excited to get the decorations up, play Christmas music 24/7 and light all my fir candles! Love the gray color bag…so pretty!!

  131. I’m most excited to visit family! And I would love either the gray or black bag 🙂 I’m due in March and couldn’t be more excited!

  132. My favorite thing about the holiday is having all of my family get together and celebrate. If I won the diaper bag I would select the color black!

  133. I’m most excited for all the decorations! I know it seems silly but every place just seems warmer and more inviting with holiday lights and decor up. And I’d definitely pick gray – one of my best friends just had a baby and her whole nursery is gray (elephant themed) so I’d get it to match that for her!

  134. I’d go with the black bag, and am just excited for more family time this holiday season! Hoping your sweet baby #2 makes an arrival soon!

  135. Love the Fawn, I’m torn between the gray or cognac brown. Probably the brown to hide more of the “stuff” I’m pregnant with my 2nd boy as well right now & would love this! And those slippers were my fav after I had my first winter baby!

  136. I’m due in June with my first, and I just may have to refer back to this post in making my birthday list this year (also in June)! Happy holidays!

  137. I’m most excited to celebrate our daughter’s first Christmas with her older brother. I already have a Fawn bag, but I would love to win this for my very deserving SIL.

  138. The most important person to treat in my opinion! New moms are under so much stress. These are great ways to make her feel special.

  139. Thank you for all of these ideas! I’m having my first in April and feel a bit clueless as to what I will really need! This was great! Thanks!

  140. As a new mom, I’m loving this gift guide! Plus, I have a ton of friends having babies soon! The Fawn diaper bag in tan is my favorite!

  141. Adorable! I love your gift guides – so excited for your cute little family. I can’t get enough of your instagram stories.

  142. This holiday season I am excited to meet the second addition to our family (due December 13th!) and to start more tradition as my first gets older since he’s at a fun age right now. I love the gray bag – it would go with everything! They have fun colors come out seasonally too which is awesome.

  143. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and friends! The black bag would be great to gift to my niece who is due at the end of December!

  144. What a sweet idea for a gift guide. I’m so excited for upcoming holiday gift exchanges and I don’t have kids (yet!) so I’m always wondering what to get my friends who are new moms. Now I know! And wow the Fawn bag is gorgeous – such a step up from other diaper bags I’ve seen. I love that it comes in an understated gray too.

    xx Jean

  145. I’m most excited to watch my 18 month old son enjoy the spirit of Christmas. I know he’s going to love it! I would LOVE to get the bag in black 🙂

  146. #2 is coming in 2018… I have had my eye on this diaper bag! Looking forward to the holidays and celebrating my son’s second birthday at the end of the year!

  147. I have an almost 2 year old and seeing the Christmas Magic through him has been nothing short of amazing. I am also expecting baby #2 in March and do not like our current diaper bag at all! I would looooove the Olive bag!

  148. I’m most excited about spending time with my family over the holidays! I’m expecting my first, a baby boy, in February. I’ve had my eye on a Fawn Diaper Bag in black!

  149. I am so looking forward to traveling with my husband to visit my in-laws in CO for the holidays. I think they grey bag is beautiful! But I love all of the colors : )

  150. What a great list! So many fun ideas! With 8 years behind me since my last pregnancy, I’ll take all the recommendations I can get!

  151. I am so excited to spend our first Christmas as a family of three sharing old traditions and creating new ones with our son! I would choose the Fawn diaper bag in black. So simple and stylish!

  152. I’m most excited to spend Christmas with family this year. I’m a resident physician, so holidays off are rare 🙂 looking forward to enjoying the season with our almost-2-years-old son (he’s just a little younger than Charlie!) Also, I have a friend who owns the cognac Fawn diaper bag and loves it! I think I’d have to go with the black color, though – I don’t have anything like it!

  153. These are all amazing! I would die over any color of new dipaer bag, because let’s be honest – the brand I have is awful. Not even 20 months in and it’s shredding. Top quality 🙂 Lol.

  154. I’m excited to experience Christmas through my son’s eyes this year, he is 18 months! The light gray Fawn diaper bag is beautiful!

  155. I’m most excited for all of the holiday fun with my toddler – it’s so much fun to see Christmas through his eyes! And I’d definitely choose blush pink for the diaper bag.

  156. I haven’t had a fawn design but have been admiring it! I had a gorgeous olive green one from Nordstrom, 6 years ago! looked more like a purse/bag than a diaper bag!

  157. I’m excited to spend time with family! Especially the ones that come in from out of state. It’d be really hard to choose, id love the black or tan!

  158. Excited to introduce my husband and daughters to my family traditions – after 7 years together, we’re finally spending our first Christmas with my grandparents!

    I’d get the gray Fawn bag – I got by with no diaper bag on my first baby, but now with a 2 year old and 3 month old, I’m STRUGGLING to keep it all together and I love the functionality/design of this bag!

  159. I love these bags! I am torn between black, brown and gray. I think probably gray though!! I am excited about having one last holiday with my two girls before we welcome our third in early January. It will be so fun to be cozy at home and get excited about our new addition! Happy Holidays!

  160. I love all of these ideas for new moms!! 100% agree that every woman needs a pair of cashmere sweatpants 🙂 I’ve been eyeing the Fawn diaper bag for my 4 month old daughter 🙂

    Something I’m excited for the holidays — to give gifts to friends and family over the holidays.

    Good luck to you on baby #2!!!

  161. I already bought my mom some amazing earrings for Christmas….however, I have been eyeing that diaper bag for A LONG time because I know it is your favorite. I was bummed that it was not on sale on Black Friday nor Cyber Monday.

  162. I have a sister in law that just had her first child and she’s the first grandchild in our family. This is a great list of ideas to give to her this Christmas!

  163. I’m most excited for spending time and lots of love and laughter with my husband’s and my families all through the holidays! Love that color diaper bag!

  164. This is spot on! I just had a baby (she’s 12 days old today!) and all of these things would’ve been on my wish list. Especially the Fawn Design bag I’ve been begging my mother to get me (in olive green of course-to match my nursery!) and the fuzzy slippers. Any journal to jot down labor stories and memories and thoughts for your new little one (and I have two others) is always sweet too.

  165. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see pictures of your newborn! I can’t wait to have my own munchkins.

  166. I love everything about the holidays. I mostly looking forward to time with my family, I love those guys. My cousin is in love with these diaper bags and I’d love to win one for her.

  167. I’m excited to take our annual holiday picture. It’s awesome to compare to last year’s and see how much my son has grown! I’d love the diaper bag in Plum!

  168. We live in Cincinnati and the zoo does the Festival of Lights. We plan on taking her and I can’t wait to watch her face light up. That is what I’m most excited for. I would choose the grey diaper bag. So versatile. I have a black SkipHop bag now. I would love a new one for our boy on the way (due late January)!

  169. So cute. I would get the brown bag! Baby #2 is due in February and it’s a boy. Since my first is a girl baby boy is in need of a more neutral bag if you know what I mean! I may have gone a little crazy with the pink in hindsight.

  170. Mom life is indeed the best life! Looking forward to starting Christmas traditions with my 1 year old to see the holiday spirit through the eyes of a child.

  171. I’m looking forward to time off spent with my family and seeing my kids faces on Christmas morning!

    I would love the bag in black, expecting my third in June and could definitely use a diaper bag upgrade!

  172. I’m due any day now so I’m most excited about having our little one here for the holidays and to create new traditions as a family. I have the brown bag on my Christmas list!

  173. Love your ideas, Liz! I’m with you–being a mom has given me such a tenderness for new mamas. Any of these gifts would be such a sweet little luxury for women in that new season of life!

  174. I love giving people presents. That is definitely what I am excited about the most! I actually would give the diaper bag to my soon to be sister-in-law who is wanting to have another baby soon!! I would have to go with the grey color.

  175. I totally agree with all of these gifts. Now that we’re well on our way with #2 I feel like I need all of these things all over again. You know, as a refresh. 🙂

  176. I’m most excited to have time off work to spend with friends and family and soak in the holidays. I’d for sure choose the gray color – so beautiful.

  177. It has been so fun watching my three-year-old marvel at Christmas lights. I am most excited for continuing and creating traditions with my little family. I love the gray bag, especially the light interior!

  178. I can’t wait to experience the holidays with my 18 month old this year. Last year he was too little to know the magic of the season, but this year I think it will be more exciting! Thanks for this giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed for the grey one!

  179. I have a tory bcurh diaper bag, but its a one shoulder bag & after having a little one I’ve realized I need a backpack — there is so much stuff to carry!

  180. I’m having my first child late winter 2018 and I’m adding some of these things to my Christmas list. Thanks for the Rex’s and for hosting the awesome giveaway!

  181. I would choose the gray! So classic. I am most excited about gift giving this holiday season and spending time with the fam!

  182. I love this gift guide! It’s so spot on. I think what new moms want and need the most are things that make them feel spoiled again or even *human* again! These are all awesome. Thanks for sharing this! xx

  183. These goodies look amazing!! Would have loved ALL of these as a FTM…would also love them when baby #2 arrives this Summer 😉

  184. Love this gift guide! A set of slippers is perfect for the winter on maternity leave! I also just had my second baby and am home now and would love a new diaper bag! Good luck today mama!

  185. I honestly have 3 diaper bags and don’t love any of them:

    SoYoung – got it thinking it was unisex enough for the hubby to carry. It is SO heavy and bulky canvass

    Kate Spade – light weight and easy to keep clean. Very feminine for the hubs.

    Louis Vuitton neverfull – no compartments = total mess inside

  186. Looking forward to some good quality time with family and friends this Christmas! And I LOVE the gray bag!! This is the exact diaper bag I’ve been eyeing 😍. Thanks for doing these giveaways!

  187. I’ve been dying for a far design bag and torn between brown or black! This year I’m most excited to create new Christmas traditions with my little girl. We are going to attempt gingerbread houses for the first time 😊

  188. Love the blog post! The ILY sweatshirts are so soft and cozy inside 🙂 the bag is really cute – would probably go with black!

  189. I’m expecting early next May and think this diaper bag is so cute! I love that you can’t really tell it’s a diaper bag.

  190. I almost got the Fawn bag but went with a Fjallraven Kanken backpack as a diaper bag. Expecting #2 and need a bigger bag now. I think I’d do the Fawn in brown.

  191. I would have to go with grey I think. And I agree the apple watch is absolutely the best new mom gift! I love love love mine.

  192. Liz, I’ve been loving all of the your gift guides, thank you they’ve been so helpful! Also, just love following you on a daily basis. As a mom to a newly two year old boy, you have been almost like a “friend” who I can relate to. Can’t wait to keep following your story as your family grows.

  193. Love this list! Everything is spot on (as a mother of a new one month old…I know!)! The Fawn in black or brown would be a classic choice that would go with just about anything. Can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with my family and continue old traditions (watching Christmas Vacation with my brothers and parents) and make a few new ones (elf on the shelf with my two year old)!

  194. This Christmas I am most excited about celebrating our daughters first Christmas. We are foster and adoptive parents and last year we had our very first foster placement come five days before christmas and it was such a whirlwind having Christmas with a 2 year old this year we just finalized our adoption for our 10 month old daughter we have been parents tonsince she was 1 month old. So we are excited to have our first family Christmas and begin all the new traditions we longed for during infertility like matching pajamas! I have been dreaming of a fawn for a long time and would pick either the grey or navy fawn.

  195. Wow- great giveaway!!!!
    I would choose the gorgeous brown bag. I also like the pink, but my husband would probably appreciate the brown one more (for when he’s carrying it!)

  196. So excited to experience the magic of Christmas through the eyes of my 15 month old and 5 month old twins! It’s a crazy time of year, but so special! The gray Fawn bag is beautiful!

  197. I am most excited to spend time with my new baby and family. I also can’t wait to dress her up in all the holiday outfits! I’d pick the black leather.

  198. This isn’t a great roundup…I just got out of the newborn haze and your older blog posts made me feel so not alone in the haze, anxiety, and sadness. Thank you!!!!

  199. I am having my first baby in February, and I love that you share so much content about parenting. The gray bag is gorgeous.

  200. I am so excited to spend time with family (and enjoy Christmas movies by the fire!!!). Can’t wait to go to my parents house. I would pick a gray bag and gift it to my boyfriend’s sister who is a new mom!!

  201. I’ve been eyeing this bag even before I found out I was expecting! Should probably just send this post to my husband and have him buy me all the things.

  202. I’m looking forward to cozy nights in by the fire with some hot chocolate & my hubby in anticipation of our little one! I love the gray color – such a great neutral!

  203. I’m most excited about not working. I’m a teacher and Christmas break is my favorite time of the year!!!

  204. I’d pick a brown bag! I’m very excited for the holiday dinners with family coming up and getting our Christmas tree!

  205. Great ideas! I’m 19 weeks along and I kinda just want baby stuff for Christmas but my family say I have to ask for things for myself. 😉 So I appreciate these!

  206. I’ve been eyeing the light gray Fawn Design bag for months…just waiting for the holiday sale. My current Petunia bag is ripping, so I’m due for another bag ASAP. Fingers crossed I can add one to my collection very soon. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  207. My favorite part about the holidays are getting to decorate the tree with my kids and having vacation time with them!
    I would love to get the bag in brown.

  208. Love this! I’m adding ALL of these things to my list! And I’ve been debating this bag for ever now! I love the gray!

  209. I am most excited about spending time with family and relaxing. My dad’s homemade eggnog is to die for! I would chose the olive or brown I think for my sister. She lost her newborn son last summer and is pregnant again with a healthy pregnancy. Such a blessing for our family. Happy holidays and thank you for the opportunity!

  210. I don’t typically comment on blog posts and I feel a little weird doing this since I don’t actually know you…buuuut I have been reading your blog for several years now and want to say, “Congratulations!!!” I saw the picture you posted on your Instagram feed, and I figured that having a baby (which is so freakin’ awesome; my daughter was born this past spring) makes commenting supersede any potential awkwardness. Again, congrats!

  211. I just had twin girls and I would lovvvvve so many of these items! Specifically the initial rings, French press and the cashmere pants! Anything to feel a little more fancy when you are feeling a bit like a hot mess express!

  212. I’m so excited for my almost 2 year old to participate in holiday traditions this year! She was too little last year. I’ve loved the Fawn bag forever and want one for our second on the way; either the gray or the olive!

  213. My fave gift guide thus far! As a new mom this year, I’m most excited to spend the holidays introducing our son to the magic of Christmas. We’ll be putting up our tree this week and although he’s only 5 months old, I can’t wait to share the experience with him. I’d love to get the grey colored bag.

  214. I’m expecting my first child in three weeks, and as a mom-to-be I love this post! I also can’t wait to carry around a cute diaper bag!

  215. Love this gift guide, definitely adding some of these to my Christmas list! I’m most excited to celebrate the holidays as a new Mom! Love fawn design bags and would love the classic black, so chic!

  216. Your gift guides never disappoint and are great time savers thank you!! I have bought so many of your recommendations. Our daughter will be 18months for this Christmas and I just can’t wait to see her excitement. Seeing things again through your children’s eyes is just so magical, even preparing for Christmas feels more meaningful! I love grey eveything so I’d have to pick the light gray fawn bag 🙂