Health & Fitness over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

The Best Workout Playlist To Keep You Motivated

the best workout playlist on the webfitness blogger Liz Adams workout motivation fitness goalsthe best activewear on the internetsfitness motivation tips and tricksthe best music playlist on spotify for workout motivationthe best activewear to inspire your next workoutsongs to inspire your next workoutFitness has become a big part of my routine these days (I’ve been sharing on snapchat and insta stories!) and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what songs I listen to while I workout. My cardio sessions are primarily interval circuits. I like to listen to music that is upbeat when I’m going hard and mellow for when things slow down. For the most part everything is what I would consider “up beat.” I love when I’m running on the treadmill and the beat of the song is the same pace as my run! A lot of these songs have good beats that go well with my circuits.

I love turning my music up really loud while I’m working out. If you ever see my at the gym I’m most likely singing to my playlist. I have had a few people catch me (ha!) but it truly helps me really enjoy what I’m doing and push myself a little harder. I’ve embedded my playlist below but you can also follow me on Spotify here!

Another question I get a lot is what are my favorite activewear brands? Outdoor Voices (seen here) is a recent favorite. Their leggings have the perfect amount of compression, soft fabrics and really fun color combinations. I also love Old Navy’s active line, Lululemon (obsessed with their Free to Be Bras and Align Pant) and Abercrombie has great options to go from gym to street (like this, this and this). 

Outfit details: Abercrombie Leggings (TTS, thinner so better for weight training – nothing too sweaty!), kate spade new york Sweatshirt (love the back detail!), Nike Air Max Thea Sneakers (size up 1/2 size)