Chicago over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

5 Restaurants to Try in Chicago

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When I was pregnant with Charlie, Dave and I would grab breakfast after every one of our doctor’s appointment. It became a tradition and something I always looked forward to. Now that Charlie is here I love visualizing my big belly and then watching him in his high chair sitting next to me. It is something I know I’ll remember and cherish even after we leave the city. Now Elly’s has become a part of our family and holds a special place in our hearts. 

Here are 4 more restaurants that we love in the city:

1. Homeslice – yummy pizza and cozy vibes
2. Gemini Bistro – our favorite spot for a casual date night
3. Burger Bar Chicago – laid back but amazing burgers (get the Bison Burger!)
4. Green Tea Sushi – seriously the best sushi we’ve had in the city!

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