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How We Save Money

LOFT floral dressLOFT floral maxi dressfloral maxi dress under $100how to dress for summer in Chicagofloral maxi dressthe best summer maxi dressesthe best maxi dresses for summerthe best floral maxi dresses under $100the best summer maxi dressessummer maxi dress and bucket bagsummer uniform under $100summer in Chicagothe best summer maxi dressesfloral maxi under $100Summers are busy. Can you believe it is August? I’m feeling overwhelmed with all of the things I want to do before everyone goes back to school. Ha! I’m almost thirty and I still feel like “back to school” signifies a new year, a new start or maybe change in general. Summers are also expensive. Dave and I usually cringe every time the credit card statement pops up in our inbox. Especially in the summer when you are more likely to grab a beer with friends, go out of your way to get an iced coffee or opt for dinner outside at your favorite restaurant. It all adds up! Today I want to share some tips for saving money that work for our family.

I’m excited to partner with American Express (a company and card I use everyday) over the next few months to show you how our Blue Cash Everyday Card helps make our life easier and every day epic. There is no doubt that life is a little more hectic since having Charlie. I’m at the grocery store every other day buying food for my little monster, filling our car with gas for another road trip or packing/unpacking bags.

Dave and I have been really good about budgeting and saving since Charlie was born. It was really important for us to start a savings account for him so we could plan for his future. We tracked our spending for a month to figure out where we have room to spend vs. where we need to save. It was in our best interest to switch to a credit card that made the purchases we did need to make, easier.

That is when we switched to the Blue Cash Everyday Card. At the end of the month, Dave and I are able to see what we get back by using the Blue Cash Everyday Card and it is comforting to know that we are saving while spending. Plus, there are no annual fees to become a member. With the Blue Cash Everyday Card you receive 3% cash back at grocery stores, 2% cash back at gas stations and 2% cash back at select department stores (yes please!). It is the small things we are doing now that will make our lives better in the future. Knowing that we get cash back allows us to have a little more fun! Here are a few things that worked for us when it comes to saving for our future…

  • allocate a specific amount of money a month towards a savings account. I find that it is easiest to do this right when I know a pay check is coming in. That way, it automatically goes into my savings account without thinking about it!
  • go over your credit card statement and put together a game plan! See where you need so save (usually for us this means FOOD). We budget for each category and if we go over in one, then we can’t spend as much in the other.
  • open a Blue Cash Everyday Card and let is start working for you!

Dave and I are so grateful for this card and what it gives back to us.. We have a long list of things that we’d like to do before summer ends. In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing how our card helps us to entertain, attend fun events around the city and really enjoy the summer heat as best that we can.

Stay tuned for some fun content in the coming months!

What I’m wearing: LOFT Floral Maxi Dress (under $100, size down)  //  Joie Sandals  //  Super Sunglasses  //  Sole Society Bucket Bag c/o

Photos by Heather Talbert. In collaboration with American Express.