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The Best Thing I Did for Me

tips for finding the best bra at nordstromtips for finding the best bra at nordstromLets be honest with each other…who else puts on the same bra everyday, a bra that they have had for the past two years and thinks to themselves that they really need to upgrade their lingerie drawer? Up until a couple of months ago this was me and my bra situation was bad.

First of all, for as long as I can remember I guessed my bra size. I would try on a few (without any help from a saleswoman) and if one worked I would buy that size in 4 different colors. I was also always guilty of washing my bras, accidentally putting them in the dryer with a bunch of other clothes, only to have them come out all pilly and no longer fitting the way they should. Can anyone else relate? After having Charlie, getting dressed was a struggle and I noticed that my tops would stick to the used and abused fabric of the bras I had had for years. I realized that if I was going to like the way I looked in the mirror I needed to make some changes to my undergarments.

For some reason taking the time to go to the store and get fitted by a stranger seemed like a daunting task but it has honestly been one of the best things I have done for myself since having Charlie. I visited my local Nordstrom and within 15 minutes I walked away with five new bras and a whole new perspective on sizing, fit, and what works best for my body type. The first thing that blew me away is that most women don’t realize their cup size is larger than they think. So much so that I told Dave and he didn’t believe me, ha! I can use that number to brag now 🙂 I was also informed that 7 out of 10 women have “bad bra relationship.” That was definitely me but now I feel so much more confident thanks to the help of my certified bra specialist (I seriously wanted to be her friend, she was so cute). A few interesting facts I learned for a better fit:

  • Always use the last clasp on your bra and adjust the straps for fit
  • You want to make sure the band is in the center of your back
  • Your boob should fill the entire cup – not more or less, for the perfect fit

If you don’t have time to get into the store, Nordstrom offers a helpful bra fitting guide on their site. Here are my favorites…

Natori ‘Feathers’ Underwire Plunge Bra – I bought this in nude and black because it is the PERFECT bra to wear under t-shirts and everything. It is so delicate and the lace can’t be seen through your clothes. So comfortable.

Natori Element Full Fit Contour Bra – The most supportive of all of the bras I bought. The mesh is so soft and this bra is also just so comfortable.

Chantelle Intimates “Merci” Demi Bra – I feel so sexy in this bra, also it makes my boobs look amazing.

Natori “Hidden Glamour” Contour Underwire Bra – Clearly I’m a fan of the Natori bras, honestly this bra again is so comfortable and is smooth under all of my outfits. It also has a bit of padding!

Natori Underwire “Whisper” Spacer Bra (on sale!) – This one might be my favorite. I also bought in nude and black and usually sleep in this to keep my post-nursing-boobs from getting saggy. It’s soft and keeps everything in place.

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.