Living over 8 years ago by Liz Adams

What’s in my bag

whats in my bag with vaseline lip tins (1 of 5) whats in my bag with vaseline lip tins (2 of 5) whats in my bag with vaseline lip tins (3 of 5) whats in my bag with vaseline lip tins (4 of 5) whats in my bag with vaseline lip tins (5 of 5)I recently switched out my diaper bag to this backpack so that I had the ability to bring my purse out again. It’s a small thing that makes me feel a little bit like myself and much more stylish. Aside from the typical diapers, wipes, baby toys, formula, bottles and baby food, I still like to carry a few items that keep me feeling good throughout the day.

My favorite sunglasses. I rotate between a few at the moment – specifically this Karen Walker pair, this Illesteva pair and this Illesteva pair in light sand/silver mirror metallic.

My planner. My brain is a cluster of information these days so it is really important that I have a pen and paper on hand at all times.

Lavender oil. When I was pregnant I really got into essential oils. I kind of feel like a hippie telling you this but I truly believe that they have magical powers. Charlie sleeps with a diffuser every night and I carry lavender around and put it on my wrists and breathe it in with a few deep breaths every time I feel panicked. It helps me to calm down when I feel stressed.

Vaseline lip tins. I’m the kind of person who always has chapped lips. I really can’t wear lipstick anymore because it just looks like a hot mess. Lately so many of you have been complimenting my lip color and I always feel guilty responding that it is my natural lip color (chapped lips are always a bit more red) but highlighted with Vaseline’s lip tin in rosy lips. It really enhances your natural color, nourishes and gives the perfect amount of shine. I also carry the Aloe tin around for when my lips for dry cuticles/knuckles and when Charlie’s nose gets chapped since our apartment is so dry. Vaseline works magic on everything.

A contouring palette. Makeup is kind of the least of my worries these days so it’s important that I have a palette on hand that can give me everything I need.

My phone (case is here) and a mophie. My phone is always on the verge of dying so it’s important to have an extra charger on hand.

…additional items include my wallet, gum, a comb and a pacifier.

In collaboration with Vaseline.