Beauty over 8 years ago by Liz Adams

Winter Beauty Routine

winter beauty routineA few of you asked on snapchat (follow me @ lizadamsss) for my winter beauty routine so I decided to do a post about my favorite products for colder temps! I have always said that I am in no way a beauty buff and I have about 5 seconds to get ready these days so it’s important that my products work magic all day long. Here is what I do…

M-61’s Microdermabrasion Scrub: I use this in the shower to get all of the dead skin off the surface of my face so it is ready for my makeup. I like this scrub because it is soothing and doesn’t dry out my skin. I use this every other day.

Clinique Repair Serum: I like to use serum’s before my moisturizer (other favorites here and here) because it provides an extra layer of protection from dry air and it sinks into my pores right after I use the scrub (which I always feel like that means it is working more!). Serum’s all tend to do the same thing – protect, combat wrinkles, provide moisture, tighten and smooth the surface of your skin.

Estee Lauder Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Face Lotion: My mom recently introduced me to this and it is the best. It can be used both day and night. Within minutes of using it my face looked fresher and felt smoother and now it is used daily. A great face moisturizer!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Foundation: I’ve used this for years and I love that it is equal parts moisturizing and has just enough tint to even out your skin tone (thanks to dry skin/cold temps). My favorite base for the rest of my makeup.

*clearly I’m all about moisturizer!

bareMinerals Shades of Light Eye Brightener: This stuff conceals and brightens at the same time. I often feel like concealer can be thick, matte and heavy and this is light, bright and adds the perfect amount of coverage to tired eyes.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush: I use this for both my bronzer and a quick swipe of blush.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Golden Light: A little bit of color that isn’t too brown or too orange, just right.

NARS Hot Sand/Orgasm Blush Duo: I love this color. It is natural and glowy which makes my skin look dewy in the middle of a dry winter.

bareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara: Stays in place, has a brush that gets every last lash, doesn’t clump. This mascara opens up my eyes and makes me feel more awake than I actually am.

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Almost Pink: Subtle pink shade. Completely necessary to hide my extremely dry lips!

If you’re looking for more skincare products to keep your skin hydrated this winter, I linked to a few more below!