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Pregnancy Essentials

pregnancy essentials Tomorrow marks 38 weeks of my pregnancy and the two week countdown to our due date. At this point I’m feeling extremely ready but also thankful for every moment this sweet baby has been in my belly. Most of my pregnancy has been really enjoyable but there are also some symptoms/side effects where I’ve learned to ask for help or rely on products to make me more comfortable. I wanted to share my maternity must haves with you today…

1. A pregnancy pillow. Honestly, I didn’t even love this when Dave first bought it for me – it was uncomfortable on my neck and just super bulky in bed. Now I can’t fall asleep without it! I have and love the LeachCo. Snuggle total body pillow and it is awesome for 2 reasons: {1} it is firm enough to provide support for your back when wrapped behind you and {2} the rounded ends are perfect for supporting your belly when you’re lying on your side. My stomach is so heavy and low at this point and when lying on your side it is essential to have some wedged between your tummy and the bed.

2. Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Legging. Comfortable, thick, supportive on your stomach and they hold up well in the wash! I am so picky when it comes to leggings and these have lived up to my expectations. I also love Splendid’s leggings {so soft}.

3. Aveda ‘Stress Fix’ Soaking Salts. I have been really into natural oils throughout this pregnancy and lavender has helped with sleepless nights and restless legs. I’ve been walking 5 days a week with Webster to help prevent any water retention and swelling which has been a huge help throughout my pregnancy but also exhausting on my knees, hips and pelvic bones. Thankfully these soaking salts used at the end of the day or early in the morning soothe those achy body parts!

4. Wintergreen Essential Oil. Towards the end of my pregnancy the weight of my stomach has had a serious effect on my lower back and this oil is a huge help when I put a few drops on the small of my back before I go to sleep. Wintergreen is a natural muscle relaxant, however, it is really strong when concentrated so I like to mix a few drops with almond oil to dilute {check the packaging on your oils to see if they are concentrated}. It also works wonders on headaches when applied to your temples.

5. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve Lip Balm. Pregnancy makes your lips SO incredibly dry. I’ve probably gone through three of these balms within my almost 9 months. I love that this feels indulgent and pretty when I’m constantly caking it on my lips.

6. Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand. Not only will the BellaBand delay the need to buy maternity jeans but it completely smooths out your belly under whatever you wear! I love that it comes in a bunch of different colors {I have the navy for my jeans and nude to wear under dresses} and honestly just makes your stomach look so much cuter underneath your clothes. It also smooths out the love handle area which I appreciate!

7. Nike Roshe Sneakers. I am embarrassed to admit how often I’ve been wearing sneakers. I seriously look like a commuting middle-aged woman {you know the ladies who speed walk from the train to their office in sneakers?} because they are worn with dresses, shorts, everything. This style is comfortable, supportive and extremely light weight. Perfect for aching legs, swollen ankles and a large to-do list!

8. Isabella Oliver Maternity Dresses. I have purchased a few different brands of maternity dresses throughout my pregnancy and these are my favorite. They are feminine, fitted and accent the bump perfectly. They also have so many pretty styles! Also, so many of you loved the tee I wore in this instagram and it is available here.

9. The Happiest Baby on the BlockBringing Up Bébé, Baby Wise, and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding are all books that I thought were really helpful in mentally preparing for our baby’s arrival!

10. Almond Oil. All over my body, twice a day – trying to avoid stretch marks at all costs!

Is there anything I’m missing? These are just my favorites. I could also list Tums, Prenatal Vitamins, drawstring pants, ginger chews from Trader Joe’s, this water tumbler and cheetos because they have been on high rotation, too.

Photo by Heather Talbert