Beauty over 9 years ago by Liz Adams

Winter Skin Routine

Winter-Skin-Beauty-Tips-1Winter-Skin-Beauty-Tips-2 Winter-Skin-Beauty-Tips-3 Winter-Skin-Beauty-Tips-4 Winter-Skin-Beauty-Tips-6Winter-Skin-Beaity-Tips-5I don’t know about you but the winter months do serious damage to my skin. I am constantly reapplying lotion and trying to combat redness, flakey skin, discoloration, and general dryness by using products that continue to work hours after using them. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites in hopes that it helps those of you dealing with the same issues!

Before I start I want to note that every night and every morning I use these face wipes to remove any makeup, dirt, or oil from my skin. They help to open up my pores and allow the products to work their magic!

Nighttime Routine:

After I use Burt’s Bees face wipes to remove my makeup from the day, I apply SkinCeuticals Phloretin Gel to my entire face and neck. It is a really lightweight formula and a little goes a long way but it helps to rebuild your skin cells that are damaged from wind, cold air, sun exposure, etc. It diminishes hyper pigmentation which I really struggle with in the winter and completely retextures your skin. In a week after using this my skin felt thick, soft, and buoyant again {ha if that makes sense!}. I then apply Shiseido Future Solution LX to my eyelids and lower eyes. This stuff is expensive and is meant for your entire face but it works wonders on your eyes so I only use it on the thinest skin on my face. Until recently {last winter to be exact when the cold was unbearable} I didn’t understand the insane benefits of eye cream. When you think about it, people’s eyes are such an indicator of their age and I want to keep mine looking young for as long as possible! This eye cream has helped to prevent wrinkles, dark circles, dryness and puffiness – especially on mornings when waking up feels impossible. I let these two products breathe for a few minutes and before I get into bed I apply a little bit of Bio Oil to my entire face, neck and chest. I leave this on my nightstand and honestly use it everywhere but it is great for sensitive skin that needs lots of hydration. If you’re prone to oily skin I might skip this step but you could apply as little or as much as you see fit. My mom has used this forever and it seals in the other products so they can work together all night long. Finally, I use Glossier’s Balmdotcom on my lips, cuticles, and knuckles and tuck myself into bed!

Morning Routine:

When I wake up I use a Burt’s Bees face wipe again to get my pores ready for another morning of vitamins and hydration. Once I’m out of the shower I immediately use an M-61 Power Glow Facial Peel {very similar here} over my entire face and neck. To say I’m addicted to these would be a serious understatement. When I run out I notice a difference in my skin within two days – they are that good! It provides deep exfoliation, resurfaces, clarifies, and firms the skin and is seriously a 60 second facial. I follow up with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream which is the best moisturizer I’ve tried for the price {it reminds me of La Mer but for a fraction of the price!}. It soaks into my skin so quickly and immediately makes your face feel like silk. Before applying my makeup for the day I rub Vitamin E oil all over my neck, chest, and hands. I love Vitamin E oil because it isn’t super saturated and it absorbs really quickly. If I’m disciplined about applying this throughout the day I very rarely use hand lotion and if I have enough time in the morning where I can stay in my robe for a few extra minutes I like to drench my body in Vitamin E and let it soak in! A little mini spa day. Shop all of these items by clicking the images below…

Beauty Routine:

When it comes to my beauty routine I tend to keep it really simple in the winter. I’ve noticed that the more makeup I wear the more dry my skin can get and lets be serious, makeup looks BAD when your skin is dry. I tend to prefer looking like I’m not wearing much makeup at all so I opt for a sheer tinted moisturizer {but you guys, I just tried this and it is amazing – electrolytes for your skin!}, followed by under eye concealer, a quick swipe of bronzer {Bobbi Brown ‘Golden Light’} on my forehead, nose and chin, a dusting of blush {Bobbi Brown ‘Maui’}, some soft eyeshadow to brighten my eyes, mascara, and a soft lipgloss! Shop all of these items by clicking the images below…