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Burn Bright

LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_012-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_017-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_024-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_026-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_034-1LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_061-1LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_086-1LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_103-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_039-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_052-1LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_058-1LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_071-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_054-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_081-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_090-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_108-1 LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_112-1LIZ_DAILEY_METHOD_005-1Exercise has always been a struggle for me. For the last five years I’ve rotated between running and hot yoga, without much excitement and very little results. Working out always felt like a to-do rather than a want to do and I slowly slipped into a rut. I really wanted to get back on track before our wedding so last June I signed up for a barre class with The Dailey Method and exercise {for me} has never been the same.

In the past six months my body has significantly changed thanks to TDM. My core is stronger, my posture is better, I have gone down 2 pant sizes and my confidence is at an all time high. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do for your wellbeing and TDM tackles everything from your body to your mind. Not only is every class a workout but you leave feeling so empowered by the other women in class. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to enter a new year without a resolution of being healthy in 2015 since I kickstarted that movement six months in advance!

To celebrate 2015, The Dailey Method is launching their Burn Bright campaign to celebrate empowerment and to inspire others to savor those moments in life that make us feel passionate and strong. TDM aims to ignite awareness, push limits, relish the burn, and encourages alignment in body, mind, and spirit. You can share your Burn Bright moments with #burnbrightdailey throughout January and get inspired by following my #burnbrightdailey moments here. The Dailey Method will give a month of free classes to three people whose #burnbrightdailey posts are the most inspiring! An amazing incentive to get involved in this campaign.

PS: TDM Chicago is running an amazing deal – 6 weeks of classes for $100. Your first class is free but I would highly recommend taking advantage of this deal {only available for the next week!}. I honestly felt a change in my body after one week of classes and can’t recommend it enough! You’ll most likely see me at the LP studio but if I lived closer to Bucktown, I would live there. If you see me in class, please say hello!

This post was sponsored by The Dailey Method. All opinions are sincerely my own! Thank you to Jacquie for letting me shoot her class! 

Photos by Heather Talbert.