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Retro Holiday Hairstyle

SequinsStripes_RetroHair_8 SequinsStripes_RetroHair_2 SequinsStripes_RetroHair_3 SequinsStripes_RetroHair_4 SequinsStripes_RetroHair_5 SequinsStripes_RetroHair_6 SequinsStripes_RetroHair_7 SequinsStripes_RetroHair_1I’ve teamed up The Stylisted to bring you three festive hairstyles for the upcoming holiday season! First up, this fun retro look that is super simple, fast, and fun! I’ve always been a fan of the side swept look but never knew how to obtain it at home. Thanks to Bev from The Stylisted team, this look can be easily accomplished and I promise you will feel extra glam {and sexy!} when you head out for a night on the town! Just follow these simple steps…

1) Section hair into 4 quadrants and clip. Two in the front and two in the back. The front part can be down the center or a side part.

2) Starting with the top two sections, spray each section with a heat protecter with some hold and curl. I used Kenra Hot Spray and a regular curling iron by Hot Tools. You can also use a curling wand. After each curl, roll it into a flat pin curl and clip with pin curl clips. Respray each section for extra hold. Continue until entire two front sections are curled and pinned.

3) Curl bottom two sections like you normally would without pinning.

4) Let cool down for 10 minutes, then brush out.

5) Sculpt the S-wave finger waves with a comb and pin in place with bobby pins.

Easy! And if you don’t want to complete this hairstyle yourself, The Stylisted is an online platform that allows women to book in-home makeup and hair styling appointments so you never have to leave your house! If you have any question or want to know if The Stylisted is available in your city, email them at [email protected]!

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Photos by Anjali Pinto.