Chicago over 10 years ago by Liz Adams

Breakfast at Toast

LIZ_TOAST_015-1LIZ_TOAST_005LIZ_TOAST_012-1LIZ_TOAST_017-1LIZ_TOAST_003   LIZ_TOAST_013-1 LIZ_TOAST_014 LIZ_TOAST_002LIZ_TOAST_011LIZ_TOAST_018-1LIZ_TOAST_004Today, I’m starting a new series all about my local favorites in Chicago! Let’s start with my most favorite weekend meal – breakfast/brunch. I actually don’t usually eat breakfast during the week {I know, bad habit} but once Saturday rolls around I am all about breakfast at Toast. Dave and I live just a couple blocks away from the Lincoln Park location so Toast is a consistent go-to when we’re craving a fresh, healthy, and tasty meal. Their menu is packed with yummy classics like eggs benedict, banana pancakes, french toast, and a vegetable omelet and personal favorites like the B.E.L.T., apple and brie crepe, crabby benedict, the french toast orgy or the pesto scrambler. Not to mention their lunch menu is pretty amazing too! The beet salad and the Croque Madame are outstanding. If you live in Chicago, I highly recommend making your way to either location, but be aware that there is usually at least an hour wait on Saturdays/Sundays. Although, starting any day with Toast is a good day. If you go, here is your order: a wasabi bloody mary {so good}, the B.E.L.T. sandwich with potatoes, a side of cinnamon bread, and share a crepe with a friend. Yum!

Have a great week, friends!

What I’m Wearing

Zara Top  //  Lauren Moffatt Shorts {on serious sale!}  //  J.Crew Sandals  //  Cashmere Sweater via TJ Maxx  //  Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses  //  La Mer Watch  // Lost Property of London Bag

Photos by Heather Talbert.