Living over 10 years ago by Liz Adams

Chain Mail

SequinsandStripesMy friend Sarah tagged me in a little blogger chain mail Q&A so I thought I would dedicate a post to a little bit of personal info!

1. What is the most played song in your music library? Christmas music – literally 25 Christmas songs. Ha!

2. What is your favorite thing about your current occupation or job, whatever it may be? Aside from being able to do what I love everyday, because that is just the best, I would have to say helping women {and men!} feel more confident. There is nothing better than leaving a client’s home and seeing them open their eyes to a better and brighter version of themselves. Also, the ability to manage my own schedule – especially with wedding planning {too many meetings}. 

3. City or country? My heart is in the windy city. If I had to choose a country, it would be Switzerland.

4. What is your coping mechanism after a really bad day? In general, I am a pretty optimistic person. I really try not to sweat the small stuff but sometimes those bad days creep in and the best way to overcome them {for me} is to spend some time by myself. Typically my bad days tend to be an internal battle {competition, comparison, not meeting a deadline, feeling disorganized, etc.} so instead of talking through these issues with others I am better off spending some quiet time with myself and my thoughts. This means a walk, some window shopping, sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee – anything to step away from my computer or routine. I always feel much better and don’t take my stresses out on others!

5. Favorite item in your closet right now? The dress above was a birthday gift from my parents and has to be the prettiest item I own. So perfectly girly!

6. Skill or craft you still want to learn or work on? Photography! A photography class has been on my to-do list for months, I really need to get my act together. I am also completely envious of people who have an eye for graphic design – so much talent out there. 

7. What is your most precious keepsake? My engagement ring and my grandmother’s first wedding band that I wear on my right hand. 

8. What’s at the very tip top of you holiday wish list this year? Hmm. A new camera lens and a new coat

9. What’s your favorite spot in the city you live in? So many spots – Oak street beach, drinks at the Drake, breakfast at Milk & Honey, Sunday mornings at Oz Park with Webster, and our patio, bundled up in a big sweater. 

Photo by Heather Talbert – originially from this post