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Wanderlust1Wanderlust2Wanderlust3Wanderlust4Wanderlust5Wanderlust6Wanderlust7Wanderlust8Wanderlust9Wanderlust10If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may have remembered my three week trip to Europe two years ago next week. My sister and I bounced around from Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Switzerland, Prague, and Amsterdam, spending 3-4 days in each place and falling in love with everything. Well, fast forward two years and I am dying to return to a few of my favorite places, plus add a few to my list. My brother is studying abroad in Prague next semester and my family and I are planning a little vacay to visit him. Ever since the conversation came up, I can’t help but revisit our trip and dream about new adventures to come. So tell me, where is your favorite place to escape? Any must-visit destinations in Europe? You can see all the photos from my trip here!


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  1. Wow! What gorgeous pictures!! I’ve only recently stumbled upon your fabulous blog, so I missed seeing you post about your trip in real time. What an amazing adventure and to be able to go with your sister must have been so wonderful. Your pictures have given me a serious case of wanderlust, that’s for sure! I believe it’s important to take time away from your daily grind to step back, enjoy the world, explore it and take it all in. Live in the moment with no regrets. Thank you for that lovely reminder. I hope you get to do more travels and I’ll be reading right along side you this time, living vicariously! πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Liz!

  2. So jealous! My family went to London this summer and it really got my euro vibes going hah can’t wait to go back! There’s something so fun about going on a trip with your family too, even if you’re all basically grown-ups! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  3. If you have an opportunity to get to Italy do it! Roma, Firenze, Venezia…the Amalfi Coast sigh…I could go on and on. Italy would be a dream that you’ll never wake up from…

    Ciao, Lisa

  4. I did a very similar trip with my sister after studying abroad last semester and we loved each of those places! But, after spending 4 months studying in Florence, that’s definitely my top recommendation! It’s small and walkable, not as overwhelming as Rome, and has a completely different feel. Plus, you’re surrounded by Tuscan hills! There’s really nothing better. If you want something completely different, I’d recommend Cinque Terre, Italy, though it’s a little more difficult to get to. It’s along the coast, and it’s just 5 little towns built into the mountains that are connected by hiking trails and a train. You’ll never see anything else like it! I haven’t kept up with blogging since being abroad, but I kept pretty good records of my travels and of Florence, so check it out for some recommendations! πŸ™‚

  5. I studied abroad in Barcelona and I talk about it wayyyy too much to everyone I know — absolutely fell in love with the city. I didn’t make it to Prague but it’s at the top of my list, loving your photos!

  6. Liz, you should visit Ukraine, specifically this adorable old city of Lviv, which has the same style of architecture as Praque, Vienna and Budapest. Recently, I also visited Munich, and loved it – beautiful green art-filled city. And also, I would love to go to Italian countryside πŸ™‚
    Beautiful pictures, and I’d love to go on another vacation to Europe too!!!

    Best wishes,

  7. so much fun! my fiance and I both love to travel and make it a priority to do a big trip as often as we can! our last trip my favorite place was Brussels, Belgium. It’s small, but cozy and has great beer! there are also a bunch of amazing day trips you can take from there to the cutest cities! this is making me think about our next trip… hah!

  8. Hi Liz! We met back at your Henri Bendel event in Oakbrook this winter. So, hi again. πŸ™‚ I lived in Europe for awhile and if you’re going to Prague, you should check out more of Eastern Europe. Try Hungary, Slovenia or Croatia. Or even western Ukraine, like L’viv! They are all beautiful countries, with the friendliest people and great food. You can poke around my travel blog for my recaps of those places. Otherwise, definitely take a train to Vienna — it is so grand and a place where an ice cream sundae counts as dinner. Can’t wait to see what you decide! my blog:

  9. A couple of years ago we did a three month trip around Europe and these pictures are making me miss it so much!!
    I’d love to return to Berlin, Prague, Rome and Paris, Barcelona…everywhere! Hopefully soon!

  10. Oh my goodness – get to Italy any which way you can. Florence was breathtaking and Rome and Sienna were just brimming with history. Wine everywhere = added bonus.

  11. I am from the Netherlands, and there is a lot of nice places to still visit here such as Haarlem, the Hague and Utrecht. I would also highly recommend Berlin, Germany. I spend four weeks there this summer and it is a very vibrant, multicultural and exciting city!

  12. Liz, Vienna is my favorite! I highly recommend, and it’s an easy train from Prague. I also loved Munich, but wish I got to see more of Germany.

  13. Gorgeous pics. I have always wanted to visit Paris. One day I will make it happen. Good luck for your trip to Europe once again. You are so lucky πŸ™‚

  14. I’m a new reader here – and I love your blog! So jealous of your European travels. I did a backpacking trip across Europe with my girlfriends back in college and I’ll never forget it. Now I am dying to go back to Italy. You can’t go wrong with Capri or Cinque Terre. Pasta & wine, gorgeous scenery & amazing beaches – it is a must! Feel free to email me if you need any tips. xo

  15. Hi Liz! I’m in love with your blog and LOVED seeing all these European shots! I studied in Granada, Spain and can’t understate how amazing it is! I love to describe it as the “Boston of Spain.” There’s no way you can beat the sunny weather, the gorgeous Alhambra, the white-washed houses and caves of the Albaicinn, Flamenco dancing dinner shows, and, of course, FREE delicious tapas! πŸ™‚

  16. Hi Liz, you should definitely come visit Lisbon, (in Portugal), you’ll be addicted. Though it’s not as mainstream as Paris or London, it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m a little suspicious because it’s my country and favorite city in the world BUT there’s definitely something understated, unpolished but irresistible about it. The city is known for its environmental light. And if you need a weekend city guide, count me in. πŸ™‚
    Other than Portugal I advise you to visit Paris again (I go there every year and I never grew tired).

    xx, Sandra @ Blasfemmes