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Random Inspiration

Cheery decor is starting to show up around town. 
Jamie Beck’s post as a Jimmy Cho stylemaker had me drooling. Such a classic beauty that girl. 
Really loving this long white hallway and graphic rug.
Black, leopard, and blush – possibly my new favorite combo. 
This photo from Jenna’s office. We’ve all seen it, but I wanted to gush over it again.
With last night’s election, I was glued to the television and here is the result. A random post of inspiration. My Pinterest boards always peak around fall/winter and then again around the summer time. Not to brag, but they are lookin’ pretty lately. I have a Product board that is full of fun items for gift ideas, winter festivities, and the holidays – maybe a little preview of what’s to come in my gift guides! Happy Wednesday!
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