Shop over 11 years ago by Liz Adams

Where I Need to Invest: Bags + Shoes

I know I just did a post about the perfect bags on a budget, but the truth is, I’m at the age where it is time to invest in something nice…
I don’t usually allow myself to splurge on a nice bag or a pair of shoes, which is strange because I think these are two items that I tend to use to death and will usually be well worth their hefty price tag over time. So, given that today is the last day of Shopbop’s Friends & Family Sale, I am seriously contemplating adding a bag or a pretty pair of pumps to my closet. Not only are their fall bags timeless, but I am now a grown-up business owner, and I think I need a pretty bag to tote around to client meetings. Additionally, I have a void for a beautiful pair of pumps in my closet {or a cute pair of snow boots!}, and given all of the holiday festivities on the horizon – they would be a very welcome addition.
Sigh, what would you splurge on considering you have a chance to get it 20% off