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Pressure. We all feel it at one point or another, most of the time it is self inflicted but sometimes outside sources test you and tell you it’s time to step up your game. I’ve been feeling the pressure lately, but really in the best way possible. A way that has me looking at my peers as inspiration, that has me thinking outside of the box, and has me wanting to step up my game. Instead of focusing on a few of my disappointments, I am relishing in all of the little victories I have seen over the past year. Good advice from old Abe Lincoln. I am not going to lie, this summer was a bit of a distraction, and with multiple weekends away it always felt difficult to get back into a groove. Did anyone else feel this way? But I am going to say that fall is my season, and September is my month. I have a few exciting things in the works like a fun announcement in the next week, a trip to NYC {hello NYFW!}, and a week of fall trends on the blog. The perfect way to welcome my favorite time of the year.
What do you do when you are under pressure? Do you flourish or does it tend to get you down?