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A Fall Wardrobe

To me, fall style is defined by rich colors, soft leather, cashmere sweaters, chunky scarves, dark denim, school boy loafers, tailored jackets, riding boots, and lots of layers. I pull out my tried and true favorites that have managed to hold up over the years and invest in a few novelty pieces {like the perfect blouse}. My fall wardrobe tends to remain classic, it hasn’t changed much over the years aside from a few updates of my favorites but for the most part I have made sure to curate a collection of fall staples to last me year after year. 
I am pretty proud of my fall wardrobe, it is definitely the season that I have invested the most money in, and when you can step back and feel confident about what you’re wearing – it’s super easy to get dressed every single day, and that’s a pretty great feeling. 
That’s the goal, right? To curate a wardrobe that we are proud of, because really, your wardrobe is an investment, and an investment that makes you feel like the best version of yourself is a good investment in my book. So think about that next time you are shopping for a last minute outfit, that you don’t love, may be cheap, and will probably only be worn once. Those dollars could have easily been saved for that dreamy leather jacket you’ve been eyeing, or the perfect handbag. We are all guilty of it, but let’s all curate a wardrobe that we love – we’re getting to the age where we deserve it. Goodbye Forever 21, hello sophisticated wardrobe!
I totally digressed on this post, but when I need a pep talk – you get a pep talk. 

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  1. This is a mantra that I have to remind myself of CONSTANTLY – it’s so easy to get sucked into making (too many) cheap little purchases on items that are poor quality or don’t fit quite right, just because they’re cheap/on sale. They add up so much more quickly than I realize. After adding them all up, I would have zero regrets selling them all for one, classic staple like a leather jacket or cashmere anything, really.

    Also – totally gorgeous photos! Those loafers are to die for. Happy weekend 🙂

  2. this totally made my day – i am also proud of my fall wardrobe, and i had a total “getting dressed for work” crisis this morning because once again it is 90 degrees and i am sick of summer and being hot and sweaty and all i want to do is wear a wool pencil skirt with a sweater and tights and a dark mani. GOSH. rant over.

  3. So true! I’ve stopped shopping at Forever 21. Even though it’s fun to get a ton of trendy pieces there for a low price, I find that they usually shrink and look worn after a few washes. I much rather invest in pieces that are good quality and look appropriate for the classy girl I am 😉

  4. This is making me SO excited for Fall — wish this crazy heat wave would end!

    Also I’m totally on the same page as you; I had a moment in a dressing room this weekend where I felt guilty about buying a dress that was a little pricey — but then remembered I had just brought a huge bag of junky forever21 clothes to goodwill, and realized that this is the type of dress that would never ever make it into a ‘donate’ pile!

  5. i have been giving myself the pep talk a lot lately. classic, good quality pieces always last longer and tend to mean much more than the $20 impulse buys. these images have me so excited to whip out my scarf collection!

  6. Totally know what you mean and it’s something I’ve kind of been struggling with lately! I don’t really spend money at Forever 21 or even H&M that much…but I probably buy too much from places like J. Crew and Zara, when I could really be saving my money for nicer shoes, or a coat, or whatever…tough call! (I do try to only buy things I LOVE though!)

  7. This is totally the pep talk I give myself everytime I am out shopping as of late. The Rag and Bone booties are looking to be a reality really quick – now if a site would just have a 15-25% off sale I’d be more than happy – bc I’d snatch them right up!

  8. So funny, I just posted about this the other day! I’m trying to transition my mentality from upfront ‘cost’ into ‘cost per wear.’ Because really, a beautiful Equipment blouse that I’ll have forever and ever is probably equally cost-effective as a Forever 21 top that unravels after the first wash…can’t wait for fall!

  9. I am definitely beginning to transition in to the era of my life where I buy a smaller number of investment pieces over a much larger number of trendy pieces that are poor quality. And I LOVE fall fashion. I can’t wait to get to wear boots and jackets again!

  10. Couldn’t have said it better, and so true, can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out last minute & bought something that definitely wasn’t fabulous or that I would ever wear again just for the sake of having something new to wear to an event, and such a better idea at this point to make the investment… that duffle coat is gorgeous, I need that in my fall wardrobe!

  11. OOHHH Great advice! I swear this is my motto now too! I often grab up the cheaper F21 stuff and only wear it a few times- sometimes not at all! In a month I’ve spent $200 or more on cheap things when I could have purchased one nice sweater.. I just ordered a beautiful JCrew Wool coat and JCrew sweater to add to by new wardrobe! Thanks for this post!!

  12. Completely agree. It’s challenging living in Florida to invest by ‘season’ because the weather is always the same even if the styles change. I focus on great accessories, and am trying to buy only items I truly love, not because it’s a great price. Like you said, it’s irrelevant if it doesn’t make you feel like the best version of yourself.