Living over 12 years ago by Liz Adams

Let It Be

Hi friends, happy Monday! I am back from my quick jaunt to Ontario and am settling back into reality and lots of work. Our vacation was amazing but flew by in the blink of an eye. I have to say as much as I love summer, the 60 degree nights and fresh air were good for my soul and have me dreaming of cooler days ahead. You know what else was good for my soul? Disconnecting from the world, social media, and all forms of outside communication {aside from maybe a few quick instagrams}. I was mad at myself for having anxiety about reconnecting with social media today but I am just going to savor those few days of quiet time and let it be
I’ve been chatting with a few family members, friends, and especially Dave about being better about separating myself from my cell phone, lap top, and social media. As much as I love staying on top of my work, responding to every little tweet, checking emails and staying connected with my virtual friends, I am creating a serious separation with the most important people in my life – which needs to be fixed. So starting today I am not going to feel bad for silencing my phone after 6pm, closing my lap top, and putting my feet up to enjoy some time with the ones I love. I just need to let it be. Easy? We’ll see. 
How was your weekend?