Style over 12 years ago by Liz Adams

How would you define your personal style?

Layers of texture + pattern.
Girly dresses + bright colors {or girly bright dresses}.
Feminine details.
Styled top knots {pretty much daily}. 
Minimal makeup + bushy eyebrows. 
Yep, that’s how I would define my style. I am not very fussy, I prefer to layer different textures + patterns when getting dressed {refer to the first image}, I am 100% girly, I don’t know how to put on makeup, my hair takes approximately 2 hours to do {I have a lions mane} so most days you will find it perched in a top knot on my head, my eyebrows are really thick, I like to buy expensive things {problem}, I am very proud of my closet, I have a weird obsession with textiles {which I studied in college} + the way that they feel/lay on the body, my eyes immediately detect a lack of balance when it comes to an outfit {maybe that’s why I can call myself a stylist!}, tortoise sunglasses are my weakness, I wear studs all day, everyday, and at times I may dress like I am 12 but most of the time people appreciate the hairbows + floral pins.
So my stylish readers, tell me about yourselves! What defines your personal style?

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