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My Favorite Recent Beauty Buys

recent beauty buys blogger recommendations from sephora

shop the post: Necessaire Retinol Hand Cream, Gucci Bronzer, Rare Beauty Highlighter, Summer Fridays Sheer Skin Tint, Merit Flush Balm, Hourglass Primer, Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, Stila Sparkly Eyeshadow, Anastasia Brow Gel, RMS Blender, Tarte Juicy Lip, RMS Radiance Serum with SPF, U Beauty Super Hydrator, Westman Atelier Powder, Kosas Concealer, Clarins Cryo Mask

My favorite recent beauty buys (and a few that are on their way to me). Sephora’s Big Savings Sale is currently going on and I used it as an opportunity to purchase new beauty products that I’ve been wanting to try + restock on some favorites. You can sign up to become a Beauty Insider to get 10% off OR get up to 20% off depending on your status.

I ordered this Summer Fridays sheer skin tint because I love a good sheer skin tint. I also ordered the Rare Beauty highlighter, Bum Bum cream and the Clarins Cryo Mask.

Then there are some old faithfuls like the Gucci bronzer, Tarte Juicy Lip, Anastasia Brow Gel and Kosas Concealer. I also shared the UBeauty Super Hydrator (LIZADAMS may get you a discount!). It’s amazing and currently my favorite moisturizer that packs a punch (SO GOOD FOR THE WINTER). *not all of these products can be found at Sephora.

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Any recent beauty favorites that the HAF community should know about? Share in the comments!!