Wellness 9 months ago by Liz Adams

HAF Habit Tracker

download our HAF Habit Tracker here

As I get older, I find myself yearning for healthy routines that encourage my body to be better, function better, etc. Self care is sometimes the first to go as life gets busy and we often neglect ourselves when we’re constantly working for other things (or people). I am always trying to find ways to hold myself accountable for you all because more often than not we need community when times get tough. I created this little habit tracker so that we could all keep track of simple things that can make us be better. You can download our HAF Habit Tracker here!

And a little reminder – don’t be so hard on yourself! Not every day needs to get a check mark. It’s just a fun way to look back on a month and see how you did and maybe see where you can make changes! I also made a blank tracker so you can fill in your own habits, if you’d like! You can download the blank version here!