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Summer Liz

Sea Eyelet Midi Dress, Re/done Flag Sweater, Mansur Gavriel Flats

Summer Liz has really been slacking at work but thriving at life lately. Part of me feels like I should apologize but most of me feels really good. Like this summer has been so incredibly peaceful and wonderful and exhausting and full all at one. I’m tired and I miss routine and motivation and privacy and silence and space but I know that this summer will be a time that I remember forever. When our little family unit was suction cupped together with very few plans or time apart.

In some sense I sort of always feel behind but I also don’t care. Like everyone else can be forging ahead or making big plans but I just feel very content. I tell ya, allowing yourself to let go of outside pressures is really wonderful. And not wearing makeup or doing my hair or judging myself for eating poorly and just LIVING MY LIFE by what feels good in that moment.

So I guess this is just a checkin to say hi! And thanks for sticking around when it is quiet. I can’t wait to get back to Charleston and COOK A MEAL, and finish decorating our house and maybe find some childcare for George? Or maybe not. I’m going to ride this wave of taking life day by day and immersed in mom life. Hope you all are having the best summer, too. xoxo

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  1. This post made me nostalgic. My parents did a huge home reno when I was 12; I’m the middle of three kids so there’s a lot of parallels between your current summer and mine as a kid! From the kid perspective, that summer was one of my favorite and I’ll never forget it. We lived with friends, extended our vacation rentals and generally lived out of suitcases for weeks while the house was in demo. For us kids it was bliss but for my parents it was delayed permits, contractor issues, back ordered supplies, etc. As a new mom, I can see now the parent perspective and relate to what you’re feeling currently. We all still talk about it fondly, my parents and siblings, so you’ll definitely all reminisce on this summer and miss it one day as you mentioned 🙂

  2. So happy you’re having a wonderful Summer, Liz! Love that you’re just living (and loving!) life lately and not putting any pressure on yourself.

    Wishing you a wonderful week, friend!

    Make Life Marvelous