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5 Ways Being a Mom Has Changed Me

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Nothing prepares you for the changes that come with parenthood. It’s sort of this journey that you know you want to take in life but there is no amount of prep you can do to get there. Two of my girlfriends are about to enter motherhood for the first time and I keep telling them that you don’t know until you know. No amount of books, advice, articles, podcasts, support groups or even advice from friends can ease you into the adventure that awaits for you on the other side! In all of its exhausting, chaotic and beautiful glory.

I’ve changed a lot since becoming a mom. I think that can be something you hate to admit but it happens in such an intentional and natural way. Here are 5 ways that motherhood has changed me.

5 Ways that Motherhood Has Changed Me

  1. I’ve found my purpose. Before kids, my only purpose was personal performance. I didn’t have a care in the world aside from what I could accomplish in a day or my future goals. It’s funny to think about what I thought was important back then (and for good reason at the time!) but little did I know the true fulfillment that being a mom would bring me. There is no greater job than nurturing, guiding and loving on your children that you created with someone you love. The most rewarding job every single day.
  2. I’m more content. It took me awhile to realize how much value this shift has brought to my life. Content in the slower pace, in the mundane days that parenting can bring, in the relinquishing of control and letting go of my own schedule. I’m less aware of what everyone else is doing and more focused on our individual family unit. I’ve realized just how much contentment our days together bring to my life instead of waking up each morning focused on a to-do list.
  3. I have more anxiety. I am constantly worried about my kids. Dave always laughs at me because my reaction when my children release the tiniest yell is that the worst has happened. I’m always worried about their health, I pray that they are safe and protected every night before bed, I worry when they are outside alone or the house is too quiet. I worry when I drop them off at school and when we aren’t together. It’s constant. I don’t know if that ever goes away but being a mom has definitely heightened my anxiety a lot.
  4. I’ve learned to let go of perfection. I touched on this on my Instagram last week but being a mom has taught me to give up on trying to be something that I’m not. This pressure that life has to look perfect, that you have to be the perfect mom, that you are accountable for making perfect, healthy meals and have your kids dress a certain way so that everyone looks perfect at all times. I always strived to make my life look and feel “effortless” and that ended up sucking the life out of me and taking so much of my energy. I’m so much happier letting my kids be kids and not trying to control everything.
  5. I’m more confident. I think this goes along with finding my purpose and just truly feeling like I’m settling into my life. I don’t second guess my choices, I lead with my intuition. As a mom, you’re forced to make quick decisions so I think really feeling confident in yourself and trusting your gut is huge. Motherhood has given me this gift.

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