Ask Liz over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • April 2, 2021

How are the boys doing with the new baby? Anything you’re doing to help them adjust to having a new sibling?

They are doing so great! Charlie and Jack have become such little buddies that they sort of do their own thing. I would say Charlie has more interest in George and offers to hold him/help and Jack is sort of indifferent. They interact but only for a few minutes and then they are off to the next thing. As a family, we are sort of always together (aside from school) and so I think just extra hugs and love has made the transition pretty seamless. Just making sure everyone gets dedicated attention.

I would love to hear your tips for postpartum fashion! Any tips for how to motivate yourself to get dressed when your body is changing every day?

It’s so hard! For me personally, after 2020 and a month in basically a nursing bra and underwear, I was ready for some real clothes. Unfortunately none of my real clothes fit so I treated myself to my favorite pair of jeans, a few sizes bigger. I feel so much better about myself when I get dressed and ready for the day. It’s a form of self care for me. I think giving in to the season of life and treating yourself to a few new pieces is important. Just make it part of your morning routine!

What are five essential pieces in your wardrobe right now?

AGOLDE Riley Jeans – I have 3-4 pairs of these, the best! No stretch so I would say take your true size or size up for some more give. So flattering. These are sold out so many places but I found them fully stocked here (in my favorite wash)!
Cotton Citizen Standard Tee – I just ordered in so many colors after buying and loving the white so much! Great fit and quality.
Veja Sneakers – a lot of you have asked about my floral Loeffler Randall sneakers that are sold out, but these Veja’s are new to my closet and so fun! Also super comfy.
J.Crew Cotton Cashmere Pullover Sweater – I haven’t received this yet but it’s so similar to a sweater that I own and love that is more expensive. I’m excited to report back!
lululemon Align Leggings – I don’t know what I would do without these. These basically carry me through life right now, ha!

What advice do you have for someone who is about to make a big life change, as you did with your move to Charleston?

Give yourself grace during the transition. Be realistic with your emotions and let yourself feel all the feels. No one expects you to go from one thing to the next without some stress and fear.

I honestly cried during the transition more than I ever have in my life and it felt so good. So don’t be afraid to say it’s sad and hard and scary.

I’m curious if you still love the nursing tanks you talked about a while ago?

LOVE them! The brand is Larken. I wear the bras more now but when you’re first starting your breastfeeding journey and your nipples are raw and your body is changing – the tanks are essential.

Do you mind talking about some of the things you do (therapy, self-care, etc.) that help you come to a better place in terms of expectations?

I’ve spoken about this a lot but last year was heavy for all of us. I feel like my rubber band (read: life) was stretched so tightly that something had to give or it was going to snap. I made a lot of efforts to vocalize, acknowledge and approach my feelings and emotions rather than stifle them. I think it’s really easy to go through our every days and say “i’m fine! it’s fine!” and sometimes it’s not fine. I’ve gotten way better with communication, knowing how and when to give myself a break, learning to not feel so guilty about not being on all the time. I started working with Jackie Loughlin who really helped me channel my energy in a positive way. It’s trained me to approach life differently. It’s helped me so much.

Also, I think taking time to learn what fills your own cup. I feel like my days are constant check lists of achievement, which can be good and bad. I’m not one to sit and relax and decompress and I’m really competitive with myself. I’ve learned that self care for me is exercise, doing something good for my body, going to bed early, getting a manicure. So think long and hard about what fills your cup and do more of that and don’t feel guilty about it.

My little sister is getting married this summer and I’m the maid of honor! Any gift ideas?

You can’t go wrong with Dana Rebecca mini huggies or a Lulu Jack necklace! She will have forever.

Do you have any meal planning tips for toddlers? I feel like my kids eat the same things all the time and I need some ideas!

I’m going to do a blog post about this because I’ve gotten many requests to share what my boys eat in a day! But i’m also going to say, don’t be so hard on yourself. Kids are so easygoing. I try to get mine try new foods here and there but they are also young and just getting them to eat is sometimes a success (this is especially the case with Jack for us).

What other boy names did you consider? We are having trouble deciding!

George and William we are two finalists! William is a family name. We also love Henry but it is our nephews name – so Henry is George’s middle name! We also loved Fredrick and call him Fritz after Dave’s grandfather.

You always talk about “dating” your husband…can you talk more about what this means?

I guess I mean never losing that dating feeling you had at the very beginning. Spending dedicated time, flirting, complimenting each other, planning date nights, making mundane days or things feel fun. Keeping the spark alive! Mostly our days don’t look like this – ha. But I always like to have something to look forward to with just Dave! I try to never lose sense of the foundation that started our crazy little family.

Will you work with a personal trainer again now that you’re in Charleston?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot! I don’t know yet. I’m sort of ready for a change, maybe a small group setting? I think I’m going to run or do our bike a few days a week and then do some sort of strength training or workout class a few days a week. I actually just tried a reformer pilates class for the first time (going to my second class today!) and I love the combo of strength and stretching. We will see!

Did you like finding out the sex of your baby or being surprised more?

I think I love the idea of being surprised more! But also loved being prepared for what was to come. There is beauty in both!

Is George still using the SNOO? What are your thoughts on that versus another bassinet?

No! In fact, we never used the SNOO for George. He just didn’t love it. We used the Ollie Swaddle and he slept in the DocATot in our bed for the first month – which I know is not a safe sleep environment but I’m just being completely honest. Dave slept in the basement of our old house so there was plenty of space on our bed for George to be separate from me. Then we moved him into his crib at a month.

What’s your go-to daily sunscreen for both you and the boys?

I love the Supergoop PLAY mousse – it applies quickly and evenly and it doesn’t feel like you’re waisting a ton like a spray. It’s the best! I also love Sun Bum products.

What sports bra do you wear while nursing?

I size up in my favorite lululemon Energy bras!

Do you think the influencer space is too saturated now for a newbie? How did you make a name for yourself when you were first starting out as a blogger?

Not at all! If you have something to provide, there will always be a space for you. I think if you’re coming in and hoping to follow in someone else’s footsteps then it may be challenging – you have to create your own path.

I’m not sure how I made a name for myself, sometimes I think I’m still doing that? I think you just have to remain true to yourself, be a trusted source, be consistent, know your value and brand and don’t stray from it.

What are some of the things that made you fall in love with your new home/neighborhood in Charleston?

The people here are so nice and relaxed and happy, it’s close to the ocean, the weather. We have a few friends in this area which made our selection process a little easier. I love that it is 10 minutes into downtown or 10 minutes from the beach. It’s just such a dreamy spot and we feel so so incredibly lucky to be here!

Any recommendations for a best-ever white t-shirt?

Really loving this Cotton Citizen Standard Tee! Runs true to size.

No rush, but do you think you’ll go for Baby #4? 😉

Some days I say – I don’t want to be pregnant again. This pregnancy, especially postpartum, did a doozy on my body. BUT, then sometimes I think should I try for a girl? But honestly, it will be a boy. Then I think nope, I’m good. Ha! So never say never but I would say we are 80/20 right now of no more.

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