Jack over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Charlie + Jack Are Ready for Spring

On Charlie: Mini Boden Sweater, TACOS Tee, DL1961 Denim, Native Shoes
On Jack: Mini Boden Sweater, DUDE Tee, Joe’s Jeans, Vans Sneakers

On Charlie: Mini Boden Sweater, TACOS Tee, DL1961 Denim, Native Shoes (size up)
On Jack: Mini Boden Sweater, DUDE Tee, Joe’s Jeans, Vans Sneakers

My two little humans! Watching their friendship blossom is my greatest joy in life. They are becoming such buddies and it is so much fun to witness. I get emotional thinking about what their future holds and knowing that no matter what, they will always have each other. It is bittersweet to let go of the early days but every new day is so much fun

I feel like I haven’t done a post about the boys in so long! Winter is so fricking long in Chicago and it feels so nice to finally be outside. Having a fenced-in backyard to wrangle two little boys is basically a gift. I can’t wait until it is warm enough to spend every minute outdoors until bedtime.

Jack is into EVERYTHING. All day long he wants to do anything and everything that Charlie does, anything that involves climbing or trying to jump off of certain things. He is fearless. It’s crazy to think about the sweet babies that our children are when they are young only to watch them turn into these little people who know when they are doing something they shouldn’t be. How do they get so smart?! Jack is a little drama king – he will throw himself on the ground and bust out a fake cry within seconds. If you don’t respond he will pause, look up to make sure you’re watching him and then continue with his cry. It’s so funny. He is just such a little buddy. The happiest little boy who always has to wave and say “hiii!” to everyone with his sweet little voice. He is our cuddler and would happily sit in your lap to watch an entire movie if he had a choice. 

Charlie is the best big brother (90%) of the time. Three hasn’t been the easiest year…toddler life is no joke with equal amounts of tantrums and love. He is a determined, fearless, confident and outgoing little boy who loves to put on a show for people. He is enthusiastic about EVERYTHING (the best little quality) and loves our family so so much. All day long he tells Dave and I that we are his best friends and I hope that never changes. He doesn’t love to share with Jack and he still gets frustrated and doesn’t know his own strength when it comes to pushing, shoving, hitting. Listening isn’t his favorite (hello determination) but I finally feel like we’ve turned a corner where he understands why we tell him “no” or why he can’t do things. I truly believe that half of parenting is teaching and half is just waiting for them to get over their toddler years (please tell me I’m right). Charlie isn’t physically very cuddle but he loves to express his love. All day long he showers you with gifts or says I love you or asks for a kiss. I’m so proud of the sweetheart that he has.

It’s crazy to think of how big their age gap seemed when Jack was first born. All of their stuff felt so separate and different. Now they play with, eat, interact and do the same things. It’s so fun (and so much easier, ha!)! I always get questions about what the boys are into and it is either cars/trucks, balls, dinosaurs or sensory toys that involve moving objects, buttons, turning dials – anything like that. It’s so nice that they now play together!

A Few of Our Favorite Kid’s Toys

Now that Jack is a little person, getting him dressed is so much more fun (anyone else’s babies live in onesies?). I mean, Jack in little jeans? I die. Dressing him up with Charlie is something I never thought I would do but I can’t help but purchase two when I see something cute! Nordstrom has always been one of our favorite destinations for kid’s clothes. We are in this weird transition period where it still can get kind of chilly at night so I love having an extra layer for the kids like this cute cardigan. These boys live in graphic tees and Nordstrom has the cutest selection! Charlie and Jack love to get messy so these outfits are perfect for busy little bodies!

*for size reference, Charlie wears a 3T and Jack wears 12-18M. 

A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!